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HI, I’m Kyra

I’ll help you increase your fertility naturally

I’m a herbalist with special interests in women’s health, fertility and hormones.

I’m here to help you optimise your health so you can get closer to having the baby you’ve been dreaming of.

Find out about my signature Ultimate Preconception Program. It’s an individualised approach to preconception care so you can get the best results for your fertility.

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As an emerging expert in the field of women’s health, I can help you with…


your periods


your hormones


your fertility

I can help you realise the full potential of your health.

Don’t live with your hormonal symptoms.

Don’t live in fear that you’ll never have a baby.

I’m here to help you.

Work with me personally for treatment that is individualised to you and your goals.

Save with my package deals!

weight loss

package deal

If you’ve tried dieting and exercise programs to lose weight but nothing has worked, this package is for you!

I’ll help you lose weight by addressing underlying issues that are stopping your weight loss, such as sleep problems or stress.



If you’ve been trying to conceive but are still waiting for a positive result, the Preconception Package is the individualised care you need.

I’ll work with you and your partner to optimise your health + chances of conceiving.

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hormone health & fertility

A common cause of recurrent miscarriage

A common cause of recurrent miscarriage

Have you experienced recurrent miscarriages? Going through two or more miscarriages is a devastating experience - I know, I had two miscarriages myself. The feeling like there’s something wrong with your body, but no one knows exactly why you keep miscarrying. With...

Trying To Conceive With PCOS? Read This.

Trying To Conceive With PCOS? Read This.

You've got polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), your periods are all over the place and you have no idea if you're ovulating or not. You're trying to conceive, but it's feeling like mission impossible at this stage. To make matters worse, your GP says you need to lose...

Exercise & Fertility: What Can I Do?

Exercise & Fertility: What Can I Do?

You've been trying to conceive for a while. Your doctor said he won't give you metformin or anything until you lose some weight. But it's just so hard! You've been going to the gym but the weight just isn't shifting. You feel like you'll never be able to have a baby....

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