Do you want more energy?

Do you want to lose weight?

Feeling stressed out?

Trying to conceive?

Western herbal medicine can help with these and many other health problems. If you’re unsure if herbal medicine can help you, feel free to contact me to discuss your condition.

What to expect

An initial consultation often takes 60-90 minutes. During this time, we will thoroughly discuss your health history. By doing this, we are putting together “pieces of your puzzle” by linking different symptoms to uncover the underlying cause of your condition. As a herbalist, I look at your health from a holistic perspective. Rather than just prescribing herbs as a “band-aid” fix, we will treat the cause. Following the consultation, I will take a few hours to thoroughly research your condition to ensure treatment will be effective and appropriate. This will also mean I will ensure your herbal prescription won’t interfere with any existing medication you are taking. I will prepare your herbal prescription, ready to collect at your convenience.

Following our initial consultation, I generally would like to see you again within a few weeks. The follow up appointment will go for around 30 minutes. During this time, we will assess your progress and treatment, and make adjustments to your prescription if necessary.

Your investment in your health

Initial consultation: $110

What you get:

  • An appointment for 60-90 minutes – either at my clinic or from your home (home visit or phone consultation).
  • A comprehensive look into your health and how “random” symptoms may be related.
  • In-clinic testing, including: urinalysis, urine heavy metal testing, blood pressure check, blood glucose level check, nail & tongue signs. This testing all provides insights into how your body is functioning.
  • Functional testing may be conducted/advised for an additional fee if indicated, so we can figure out exactly what’s happening within your body. This can include hair heavy metal testing, food intolerance testing, hormone testing, stool tests, and much more.
  • After your appointment, a further 2-3 hours are devoted to researching and prescribing an individualised treatment for your condition.

HEALTH FUND REBATES MAY BE AVAILABLE, depending on your level of cover. I am currently covered with AHM, Bupa, MBF, HBA, Health Cover Direct, AXA, NRMA, SGIO, SGIC, St Georges Health, ANZ Health, Mutual Community, CBHS, HCF, Medibank Private, NIB.

Follow up consultation: $75

What you get:

  • An appointment for 45 minutes either face-to-face or over the phone/Skype.
  • Presentation of your treatment plan & recommendations.
  • Assessment of your test results (if any) and progression of your health.
  • In-clinic testing may be conducted again.
  • Repeat of your prescription or changes made to your prescription as needed.
  • Support to reach your health goals.

Acute consultation: $55

What you get:

  • A quick 15 minute appointment either face-to-face or over the phone/Skype.
  • This appointment is for acute conditions only (such as colds, viruses, infections) where you want some herbs to help you feel better quickly.
  • Herbal prescriptions are filled within 24 hours and delivered/available for pickup.


Where are consultations held?

I am available at my clinic room at Tamworth Remedial Massage Centre at 3 Hillvue Road, Tamworth NSW, on Mondays.

Home visits are available within the Tamworth area (I will travel outside a 25km radius of Tamworth for an extra fee – please contact me). Home visits are available on afternoons/evenings and Saturday mornings.

Phone/online consultations are also available to residents of Australia on Mondays, evenings, or other times by appointment.

Your herbal prescription

Herbal prescriptions are an extra cost on top of the consultation fees, and prices may vary. On average, your herbal medicine may cost around $20 for a week’s supply, but this can vary. Your prescription may be in the form of a concentrated liquid, tablets, capsules, tea, cream or ointment.

What are you waiting for?

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