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Trying to conceive?

Want the best for your baby right from the start?

Do you have underlying health issues affecting your fertility?

You’re in the right place.

The Preconception Package is for you if you want:

A completely personalised program for both you and your partner to optimise your chances of conceiving a healthy baby

The best start to your baby’s life

Natural solutions so you can avoid fertility medications and procedures if possibles

Did you know it takes around 100 days for your eggs to mature, and 75 days for sperm to mature?

This time is VITAL for ensuring your eggs (and partner’s sperm) are the best quality possible so you have a higher chance of conceiving a healthy baby.

That’s why the Preconception Package runs for 16 weeks (approximately 112 days) so you can finish the program with yourself + your eggs (and sperm) in optimal health.

What’s included?


6 consultations for the lady
6 consultations for the man
Available in person (Tamworth NSW) or as online/phone consultations

(worth $890)

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine for 16 weeks for both partners to increase your fertility

(worth $560)


Hormone Testing

Male & Female Hormone Levels testing

(worth $200)




Numerous handouts with tips to improve your fertility naturally

(worth $55)




Frequent email support with tips, motivation and healthy recipes so you can make your body as fertile as possible

(worth $200)

You get all of this for


just $1399

(available as 4 x monthly payments of $349.75)

That’s about the price of a cup of coffee for you & your partner everyday for 16 weeks!

Health fund rebates may apply depending on your fund and level of cover.

If you’re tired of waiting to fall pregnant…

If you have another medical condition that’s stopping you from conceiving such as PCOS or hypothyroidism…

If you just want to have a healthy baby…

The Preconception Package is the individualised program for you and your partner to optimise your chances of conceiving successfully!

Do you have any questions? I want to make sure the Preconception Package is right for you. Send me an email below or book a free discovery call so we can chat on the phone.

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Kyra is a herbalist with a passion for women’s health and fertility. 

After struggling with difficulties conceiving, miscarriages, and having four babies of her own, she can apply her real-world fertility experience with her natural medicine knowledge to give you the best results.

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