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You’re ready to have a baby like, yesterday.

Let’s get you pregnant naturally!

Welcome to the Ultimate Preconception Program.

The first step to having a baby is

Nourishing Your Body


The truth is that if the foundations aren’t solid, you can’t build a quality house. The same goes when you’re trying to make a baby. Your body needs to be working optimally – your hormones, your nutrition, your vaginal health – there’s so much that can affect whether you conceive successfully.

In the Ultimate Preconception Program, I show you the exact steps you need to take so you can have the best chances of conceiving naturally.

In the Ultimate Preconception Program, you’ll find out how to…

Optimise your chances of conceiving after stopping the pill

Improve your chances of conceiving successfully after a history of miscarriages

Improve your chances of conceiving so you can give your baby the best start to life

Conceive when you have existing health conditions such as PCOS or thyroid conditions


  • you and your partner are the healthiest you’ve both ever felt…
  • you’re THAT much closer to conceiving your baby…
  • and you know that you WILL have a baby…
  • plus, you’re at a healthy weight, your skin is glowing with health, and you’ve got so much more energy now!


With the Ultimate Preconception Program, it’s the health kick you know you need so you can conceive successfully. You’ll have my personal support through our private consultations. During our live Q&A sessions each week, you will be supported to stick to your healthy changes. You’ll be surrounded by supportive women who are trying to conceive, just like you. We all want you to succeed so you can have your baby!

Registrations are now OPEN for the 2019 edition of the Ultimate Preconception Program.

Don’t miss your opportunity to boost your chances of conceiving naturally!

When you join the Ultimate Preconception Program, you’ll find out:

Which foods to eat to increase your fertility (and which foods to avoid!)

How to know which days you are most fertile

How to invite your new baby into your life

The best forms of exercise to support conception

How to balance your hormones to improve your fertility

Which herbs can increase your fertility and how to use them safely

Causes of miscarriages and how to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy

How to improve your husband/partners fertility naturally

What is lunaception and how can you use it to conceive

The role of stress in fertility problems and practical steps to control your stress levels

How your vaginal health may be affecting your chances of conceiving

How detoxing your body, mind and home can help with fertility

Each week you’ll receive:

Live Q&A time with me to ask your questions about fertility
Weekly emails with the course content + healthy motivation + tips

Yoga tutorials designed specifically to enhance your fertility

Plus you’ll get access to a supportive group of women to help you along the way!

You will also receive:


5 x private online/phone consultations with me personally so you can have individual support for the best chances of success (valued at $390)

Prescription herbs made especially for you (postage within Australia included) (valued at $400)

Hair tissue mineral analysis included to assess nutritional status & heavy metal toxicity (valued at $250)

Plus you’ll receive these bonuses:

Seed Cycling Protocol

(valued at $25)

Printable Fertility Tracker

(valued at $15)

Plant Based Foods For Fertility recipe ebook

(valued at $25)

The Preconception Program is for you if:

You’ve been trying to conceive for a while with no success.

You’re considering IVF or about to start your IVF journey – preconception care goes perfectly with IVF.

You’ve experienced one or more miscarriages.

This 14 week program will give you the tools you need to increase your fertility. You’ll get private consultations, weekly emails from me with the program content + weekly Q&A calls in our support group.

As a bonus, you’ll have access to the support group + Q&A calls for as long as you need!

This is the ULTIMATE program to conceiving naturally.

Secure your place in the Ultimate Preconception Program now – the program officially starts 25th February 2019.

Frequently asked questions:

What do I get in the Ultimate Preconception Program?

When you sign up to the Preconception Program, you’ll get:

  • 1 x initial consultation, 1 x treatment plan presentation consultation, 3 x follow up consultations all conducted online/over the phone
  • Prescription herbal formulas sent out to you after your consultations
  • 1 x hair tissue mineral analysis to assess mineral status & heavy metal toxicity
  • Weekly emails over 14 weeks with the program content so you can increase your fertility: information about food for fertility, lifestyle suggestions, fertility tracking, downloadable PDFs, and healthy recipes + motivation to keep you on track.
  • Weekly fertility yoga tutorials designed by a women’s health naturopath & yoga teacher
  • A copy of my popular ebooks “Herb & Seed Cycling Protocol” and “Plant Based Foods For Fertility”
  • An invitation to our secret Facebook support group.
  • Weekly Q&A calls in our Facebook support group.
    How long can I access the content for?

    You will have lifetime access to all the program content that is emailed directly to you. You will also have continued access to the Facebook support group + weekly Q&A calls beyond the 14-week program.

    Are refunds available?

    Refunds are available within the first 2 weeks of signing up. After this time, refunds are not available, so please make your decision carefully. Feel free to ask any questions before committing – email me at

    I'm not sure if the Ultimate Preconception Program is right for me, can I ask more questions?

    Yes! I want you to be happy with your decision, so if the Ultimate Preconception Program isn’t right for you I don’t want you to waste your money. Feel free to send me your questions to

    Hear what previous clients have to say…

    I found the preconception program amazing for the week by week in-depth explanations of the weekly topics! I now know way more information about preconception care! Highly recommend!

    The preconception program was amazing. Not only did it assist with preconception health advice but also self care (the importance of ‘me time’). The group was supportive and Kyra’s knowledge and advice for each of us in the group so valuable. Thanks Kyra x

    Act now and you’ll get these BONUSES:

    Seed Cycling Protocol

    (valued at $25)

    Printable Fertility Tracker

    (valued at $15)

    Plant Based Foods For Fertility recipe ebook

    (valued at $25)

    Pay upfront in full and you’ll also receive:

    2 x consultations for your partner, including treatment plan to improve his sperm health

    (valued at $165)

    Hair tissue mineral analysis for your partner

    (valued at $180)

    Secure your place in the Ultimate Preconception Program now.

    I’ll tell you my story…

    I fell pregnant accidentally with my first child. I was 18, my adult life was just beginning, I was fresh out of high school, and I had so many dreams…but being a mother wasn’t one of them.

    However, I accepted this challenge I was presented with, and embraced being pregnant and learning how to be a mum. So much, that I wanted another baby by the time my son had turned 1.

    We tried for months and months, but with no success. Why was it so hard this time around?

    Eventually, I fell pregnant, and my husband and I were so thrilled! Finally, a sibling for our son!

    It wasn’t to be, however. At my 8 week ultrasound, it was discovered that the baby had died.

    Later that year, I fell pregnant again, but too soon I miscarried yet again.

    At this point I began to feel deeply depressed. What if I never had another baby? What was wrong with my body?

    At this point, with all I had gone through with my miscarriages, I began to really dislike the medical system. So I found natural health practitioners who could help me. With their help, plus changing my diet and taking herbs and supplements, I went on to have 3 more healthy children – and no more miscarriages or difficulties conceiving!

    This is why I want to help YOU – so you don’t have to go through the years of pain I went through. There’s an easier way!

    You could pay over $15,000 for a round of IVF, which doesn’t even gurantee you’ll successfully carry your your baby to fullterm.

    For a fraction of that price, you can naturally increase your chances of conceiving + carrying a baby, AND you’ll get healthier as a bonus!

    I know which option I’d choose. What about you?

    You’re ready to have a baby. Don’t let more time pass without giving it your best shot at conceiving. Let’s get your body into optimal condition so you can increase your chances of conception.

    Sign up for the Ultimate Preconception Program now.

    We’re starting on 25th February 2019. Don’t miss your chance to have a baby this year!

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