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Ready to lose weight naturally and sustainably?

The Weight Loss Package Deal is for you!

Do you need to lose weight so you can improve your fertility?

Do you have PCOS and find it difficult to shift weight?

Have you tried dieting and exercise programs but still can’t lose weight?

Has menopause got you stacking on the weight?

The Weight Loss Package Deal will help you lose weight through:

Setting realistic weight loss goals

Getting to the root issue that’s stopping you from losing weight

Approaching weight loss from a holistic health perspective

Personalised meal plan to meet your nutritional needs

Regular appointments to keep you accountable

Regular email support

No more…

  • Fad diets
  • Crazy workout plans
  • Meal replacement shakes
  • Calorie counting

The Weight Loss Package Deal is all about nutritious whole foods, easy physical activities, and addressing WHY you haven’t been able to reach your ideal weight yet.

What’s included in the Weight Loss Package Deal:


6 individual consultations spread out over 10 weeks (either in person, online or by phone)


Emails twice a week to keep you on track & motivated


Herbal medicines for the 10 week period included

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING and can’t make the weight loss happen – this Weight Loss Package Deal is for YOU.

You get the opportunity to work PERSONALLY with me to create your very own weight loss program, tailored to your goals and individual needs.

We’ll also work on other areas on your health that may be stopping you from losing weight, such as hormones, stress, or sleep problems.

For an individualised weight loss program like this, you could easily pay over $1000.

Generic weight loss programs often cost $100, without any individualisation to help you succeed.

The Weight Loss Package Deal is just $699, spread out over 10 weekly payments of only $69.90 per week.

(Health fund rebates may be available depending on your fund and level of cover).

For just $69.90 per week you get:


An initial consultation including your treatment plan & personalised meal plan
(worth $110)


Five follow up consultations
(worth $375)


11 weeks worth of your customised herbal medicine formula
(worth $220)


Biweekly emails with weight loss tips and inspiration
(worth $210)

Plus ongoing support and encouragement (invaluable!)

Need more information? Contact me to find out if the Weight Loss Package Deal is the best option for you.

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