Learn how to manifest your dreams with the power of the moon cycle.



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Hey there, I’m Kyra!

Business astrologer, yoga teacher, herbalist, author, teachor & mentor.

I teach women how to manifest their dreams by harnessing the energy of the lunar cycle.

You’ve been dreaming BIG for years, but your dreams haven’t manifested – yet!

You crave something better, but you don’t know how to bring the gap between your dreams & your reality.

I’m here to help you! Let me be your coach + cheerleader, and inspire you to manifest your wildest dreams.

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Website Witchery

Need a beautiful website to sell your offerings, blog your thoughts, or showcase your portfolio?

I make magickal websites for spiritual entrepreneurs. Using a blend of astrological branding + tech skills, I create websites that speak to the energy of your brand or business.

If you’re ready for your own piece of the internet, you need a website.

Kyra Howearth

Tarot + astrology readings

Looking for spiritual guidance? Wondering what the future holds so you can plan your life?

I offer live & video readings where you’ll receive intuitive guidance & clarity on your questions.

Readings with me can offer guidance for your business, career, relationships, goals, health, or other topics that you need help with.

Moon Manifesting Tarot | Kyra Howearth

I made a tarot deck!

If you love tarot AND the moon, then I know you’ll also love the Moon Manifesting Tarot deck.

Each card has it’s unique association with a moon phase, zodiac sign or planet, creating an additional layer of meaning to your readings.

You’ll love using the Moon Manifesting Tarot for your moon rituals, daily guidance, or as altar cards.

Moon Manifesting Tarot | Kyra Howearth


Moon Manifesting

The ultimate guide to manifesting your deepest desires by harnessing the energy of the moon. Discover how to use the lunar cycle in practical ways to help you achieve your goals.

Order your physical copy via Amazon or other good bookstores near you, or download on Kindle.

Find the inspiration to live to your highest potential, with the moon as your guide!

2024 Moon Manifesting Journal | Kyra Howearth

2024 Moon Manifesting Journal

Plan your life in alignment with the moon for the year ahead!

Includes rituals for every new & full moon, and daily prompts to align your life with the moon cycle.

Available to download or order a spiralbound hardcopy.

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