Awaken your inner goddess with these yoga poses!

Yoga asanas area a beautiful form of self-expression and to awaken different energies through the body. In today’s post, let’s explore some poses which awaken the feminine energy + your inner goddess!

Watch the video below to see the poses…

Pose 1: Butterfly Pose

This hip opening pose is the epitome of the yin or feminine energy! This pose awakens the sacral chakra, the home of your passion and sensuality.

In a seated position, place the underside of your feet together, lowering the knees to the floor as much as you can.

Pose 2: Dancing Warrior

The warrior poses are typically masculine poses, with the strength and determination of the masculine energy. Moving into reversed warrior or dancing warrior, this pose blends the strength of the warrior with the grace of the goddess.

Move from Warrior 2 with the back hand down on the calf, and the top hand raising up to the sky, palm facing behind you or down.

Pose 3: The Dancer

The dancer pose is an elegant pose, allowing you to feel into the beauty & grace of the dancer. A balancing pose, the dancer allows you to appreciate the flow of energy between creation and destruction, letting go of the old to make way for the new.

In a standing position, raise your right arm as you raise your left foot to your buttocks, taking hold of the left foot with the left hand. Extend forward with the right arm as you extend back and upwards with the left foot. Release gracefully before repeating on the other side.

Pose 4: Wild Thing

Wild thing is a beautiful opening pose, allowing you to open your entire body and tap into your sensual nature.

From downward facing dog, raise your right leg, bend the knee and let the foot hang back towards the earth. Slowly bring your right foot over the left leg, raising your right arm, fully extending as your right leg touches the ground.

Pose 5: Queen Pigeon or Mermaid Pose

A more advanced pose, the queen pigeon is a heart opening + hip opening pose. Let your love shine in this beautiful feminine pose! Be careful in this pose – you may need to work up to it as you increase your flexibility through regular yoga practice.

Bring your left foot towards the right groin, with the left knee facing ahead of you. Raise the right foot upwards and reach back with the right hand to take hold of the right foot. Move the right foot into the right elbow crease, before bringing the finger tips of each hand together over your head.


Enjoy awakening your inner goddess with these yoga poses! Are there any other feminine poses that you love? Let me know in the comments!