Welcome to Aquarius season! As the sun moves through Aquarius over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be making adjustments to our plans + goals as we follow our intuition & make the world a better place for everyone.

Aquarius season starts 19th January, ending on 18th February 2021.

Here’s an in-depth look at what the cosmos has planned for us this Aquarius season…


21st January 2021

First quarter moon in Taurus; Mars conjuncts Uranus in Taurus; Mercury in Aquarius trines North Node in Gemini

You may feel impatient to take action towards your goals, but today you are reminded to sloooow things down. Take one step at a time. Be open to insights & trying something new. You may be more perceptive of your soul’s path today, discovering more about your true purpose of this live.

23rd January 2021

Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius

A lack of energy may frustrate you, as you don’t seem to be achieving your goals in the timeframe you would like. Don’t get upset or angry with yourself! Today brings a challenge for you to accept the Divine timing, trusting that everything will work out at the right time.

24th January 2021

Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces; Sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius

Daydreaming about your deep desires can help you find clarity on what you truly want. Be open to Divine inspiration! If you can dream it, you can bring it into reality, so dream big today! Find the self-discipline to bring your ideas to life. You’ll feel strict with yourself, rising to the challenge to make it work.

26th January 2021

Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

Dare to be different! You may feel challenged to show your unique qualities, but don’t hide who you truly are. Be weird & wacky – because you’ll naturally attract people who resonate with that side of you.

27th January 2021

North Node in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces

There is a huge potential for growth during this month & next, as we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones to bring our dream visions to life. What are you being called to share with others? How can you collaborate to get your dreams into reality?

29th January 2021

Full moon in Leo; Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn; Sun conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius

The full moon is exact at 6:16am AEDST (that’s 28th January 11:16am PST / 2:16pm EST / 7:16pm UTC). This full moon in Leo has the potential for powerful, positive changes in your life. Manifest abundance, luck + happiness into your life by transforming your goals, realigning with what REALLY matters to you.

31st January 2021

Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius

The first Mercury retrograde of the year! Over the next 3 weeks, expect travel delays, communication disruptions & brain fog. Plan ahead, double check your emails + texts before pressing “send”, and allow extra time for traveling.

1st February 2021

Sun in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus

If you’re feeling unmotivated or your energy levels are low, honour that today. Don’t feel frustrated at yourself – trust that everything will unfold in Divine timing, and today you can just take it sloooowly. The moon’s energy is waning, so it’s important to acknowledge your natural energy fluctuations & allow yourself time to rest.

6th February 2021

Venus in Aquarius conjoins Saturn & sextiles Chiron in Aries; Sun in Aquarius trines North Node in Gemini

As you challenge yourself to be more self-disciplined to achieve your goals, you trigger inner healing. Step out of your comfort zone and make the magic happen!

7th February 2021

Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

Unexpected changes may challenge you to be more open-minded about what you’re manifesting. Love, money or other desires may show up in unexpected ways when you break through whatever is holding you back.

9th February 2021

Saturn in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries; Sun conjoins Pallas Athena in Aquarius

Challenge yourself to heal today. Opportunities are arising for you to create healing habits, and to be consistent with the hard work you’ve been putting into your healing practices. Today you may receive deep spiritual insights as you discover a deeper meaning to life.

10th February 2021

Mercury Rx in Aquarius trines North Node in Gemini & squares Mars in Taurus

As Mercury appears to travel backwards in the sky, it triggers you to step out of your comfort zone even though you feel unenergized & maybe a bit worn out. How can you keep showing up + grow into your greater potential?

11th February 2021

Venus conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius; New moon in Aquarius

Today we welcome a powerful new moon cycle, as we move forward into a fresh phase of bringing in new ideas so we can bring growth towards our goals. A lucky day for attracting your deep desires! Keep yourself open to receiving abundance. The new moon is exact at 11:05am PST / 2:05pm EST / 7:05pm UTC (that’s 6:05am AEDST on 12th February).

13th February 2021

Venus conjoins Mercury Rx in Aquarius

A fresh perspective for your deepest goals is presented to you today. Go within & reflect on what you REALLY want to manifest. It’s not a great time for taking action, but daydream, journal & talk about your goals today.

14th February 2021

Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces; Mercury Rx conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius

Energy + motivation are sparked today as you feel ready to take slow + steady steps towards bringing your dreams into reality. Listen to your intuition & take action based on what you instinctually FEEL. It’s a lucky day for expanding your mind & seeing the world with fresh eyes.

17th February 2021

Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

Your sense of responsibility, self-discipline & strictness brings up challenges as surprises show up in your life. How can you stay in control during times of chaos? How can you be consistent & persistent when things around you are changing?

18th February 2021

Sun moves into Pisces

Pisces season begins, and over the next 4 weeks we’ll all be feeling more inclined to listen to our emotions & intuition. This is a time for renewing ourselves, exploring creative pursuits, and realigning with our higher purpose.


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