Soul Aligned


A 6-month astrology business mastermind journey of intuitive guidance & practical strategy to grow your business.

Not meeting your income goals?

Want to start or grow your business in alignment with your soul’s purpose?

Feeling unaligned or stuck with your career/business?

Hey there gorgeous soulpreneur, I see you.

Are you literally crying because you’ve made some AMAZING stuff but no one’s buying it?

Or maybe you’re feeling stuck & unaligned, but you need to make money?

That’s EXACTLY where I was before I invested in business mentoring.

You can struggle through your business, learning from your mistakes…

OR you can be guided by an experienced soulpreneur so you can take a shortcut to success.

Inside the Soul Aligned Biz Mastermind, I’m sharing EVERYTHING I’ve learnt from my 10+ years experience in business so you can take the shortcut to success.

You get accountability, intuitive guidance, proven strategies & connection with other biz babes so you can finally achieve the biz success you’ve been dreaming of!

Within just 6 months, you’ll have the tools to generate consistent income in your business while living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

What You Get:


Inside the Soul Aligned Biz Mastermind, you’ll receive:

  • 3 x 30min private calls with ME (your biz coach, Kyra!) for personalized strategy, advice & guidance
  • 12 x group calls
  • Fortnightly lessons with workbooks, meditations & other helpful resources
  • Community connection with your fellow masterminders
  • The exact strategies I’ve used to grow my own businesses

I’ve spent over a decade in business, with experience in multiple industries including making & selling clothing, blogging, self-publishing books, health consultations, online & in-person tarot reading, running online courses & hosting a retreat.


I’m teaching you EVERYTHING I know about running a business so you can take a shortcut to success.

Astrology business mastermind

What you’ll learn in this astrology business mastermind:

Inside the Biz Mastermind:

Comprehensive workbooks & reference materials
Fortnightly group coaching calls
Three 1:1 sessions for astrology readings & business coaching

The Soul Aligned Business Mastermind is for you if:

  • You’re a healer, intuitive reader, artist, entrepreneur, creative, coach, or following your passions to create a business.
  • You’re willing to dedicate +5 hours per week to grow your business.
  • You’re open to intuitive guidance.
  • You’re ready to start your own business or take your existing business to the next level.

We officially begin on 26th September 2022. Secure your place NOW!

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What others are saying:

I signed up for this course because I wanted to start a new business but didn’t know how to. 

Soul Aligned Business Mastermind is the right one for me because it focuses on the type of business I would like to run. I don’t have to explain what astrology, healing, crystals are to the coach.

I started from absolute zero. I had a different type of business to run in mind but it changed during the process of exploring what’s best for me based on my skills and stars on my chart. 

Each session was very thorough and 30 minutes went by very quickly every time I met her. Kyra navigated me to the right direction to discover things on my own with the power of astrology. Each course work is aligned with the current movement of the planets which made sense to me. 

As a result, I now have an Instagram account, website, email newsletter to send out, etc. Most importantly I am confident to follow the steps I learned for future growth. I highly recommend this course not only for the already established business but also for a total beginner like me.

Emi M.

Sunday Night Lady Club

Why learn from Kyra?
Kyra Howearth is a spiritual teacher, yoga teacher, medical herbalist, tarot reader & astrologer, as well as a homeschooling mum of 4.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Kyra has experienced success with:

  • growing multiple 5-figure social media followings
  • running multiple businesses in different industries
  • selling a range of products & services both online & offline to develop streams of consistent income
  • self-publishing multiple books
  • creating online courses
  • bringing people together in online communities
  • hosting a life-changing retreat

The Soul Aligned Business Mastermind is like no other. Receive a blend of intuitive guidance & practical business advice to maximise your potential.

♏️⬆️ ♊️🌞 ♎️🌙

Kyra is a Scorpio rising (facilitator of transformations), Gemini Sun in 8th House (loves talking about business & money) and Libra Moon in 11th House (feels best when supporting others & creating equality in group situations). With a 2nd House Capricorn stellium (Uranus, Vesta, Saturn & Neptune), Kyra is focused on achieving long-term goals through self-discipline, devotion & faith.

Business doesn’t have to be ordinary. Make it magickal