There’s a deck inside you…

Let’s bring it into reality!

Hi, I’m Kyra!

I’m here to show you how you can easily make your own tarot or oracle deck.

From concept to published, I’ll be here to support you along the way!

Whether you’re just thinking about making a deck, or you’ve already started, the Deck Maker Mastermind will help you bring your project to completion so you can start selling your deck.

What you’ll learn:

Create a unique concept for your deck


Accountability, support & guidance to get your deck DONE


How to create a guidebook for your deck

Deck illustration possibilities & guidelines

How to price your deck

Publishing or self-publishing your deck

Marketing & selling your deck


Feedback & support from your mastermind members

All the details:

Deck Maker Mastermind

8-week group program to make your own tarot or oracle deck

Weekly group calls

Private group for feedback, support & guidance


Pay only AU$222 to join the Deck Maker Mastermind

Moon Manifesting Tarot

There’s never been a better time to create your own oracle or tarot deck!

If your goal is to create a deck in 2023, let’s work together to make it happen!

You could try to make your deck by yourself…

OR you can have guidance from a deck creator and learn from someone who has already been through this journey, so you can set yourself up for success right from the start.

One of the biggest obstacles for deck creators is actually finishing your deck. Oracle and tarot decks have a LOT of cards, so you need to be persistent to actually see your project through to completion.

That’s why the Deck Maker Mastermind is for YOU!

  • Receive support & accountability to finally finish your deck
  • Get clarity on beginning your deck
  • Start making money from selling your deck
Moon manifesting tarot deck

This is YOUR TIME to create your deck!

Join the Deck Maker Mastermind now to get started on your deck journey.

Why learn from Kyra?

I’m a Gemini Sun, Libra Moon & Scorpio Rising.

I’ve created my own tarot deck, the Moon Manifesting Tarot. I completed this entire deck, including authoring the guidebook, illustrating the cards, and self-publishing. The Moon Manifesting Tarot was fully funded on Kickstarter in under 24 hours!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade, so I know a lot about making new products & selling them!

With my skills as a business coach AND a deck creator, I can help you make your own deck and sell it successfully.