Does your energy need cleansing? Use this guided meditation with palo santo essential oil to heal & cleanse your energetic field.

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For best results, I suggest using palo santo essential oil to enhance this meditation.


How to use palo santo essential oil for meditation

  • Place a few drops in your diffuser
  • Inhale directly from the bottle before meditating
  • Dab a drop onto your wrists or pulse points (diluted in carrier oil)
  • Rub a drop between the palms of your hands, then cup the nose & inhale deeply for a few breaths
Palo Santo essential oil

Some of the benefits of using palo santo essential oil:

  1. Emotional healing
  2. Energy cleansing
  3. Relaxation
  4. Energetic protection

Palo santo essential oil is the perfect addition to your spiritual practice. You can use palo santo in your meditation or yoga practice, or whenever you need some energetic clearing.

One of my favourite ways to use palo santo essential oil is to cleanse space (similar to how you might use a sage stick). Palo santo essential oil works like a smokeless smoke cleanse – it clears any negative vibes, making space positive energy.

BUT – not all essential oils are created equally!

Please, for your own safety, don’t use cheap essential oils or “fragrance” oils. These cheaper oils are often made with toxic products which can harm your health.

My preferred brand of essential oil is Young Living. Their oils are the highest quality I’ve ever used – and as an herbalist, I’ve tried many brands over the years!


How to get palo santo essential oil

If you’re wanting to get palo santo essential oil, the best way to get started on your oil journey is with a Custom Enrolment Order. Choose your starter oils (if you like palo santo, you’ll also love frankincense & rosemary!) and get access to discounted rates.

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