Welcome to April! This month is pushing us out of our comfort zones as we make REAL progress towards our goals. Expect to feel challenged during the first few weeks of April, but you’ll reap the rewards towards the end of the month.


Listen or watch this episode on Youtube or wherever you listen to podcasts. In this episode, I do a brief forecast for the month ahead using astrology & tarot as my guides. I also answer some questions from IG followers – find out about your rising sign, if you can create an astrology chart without your time of birth, spirit animals, and my favourite tarot card.

April Forecast

Some key astrological events that are happening this month include:

+ Mars squares Neptune on 10th April

Realign with your dream vision of the future as you make progress on your goals. Check in why your WHY – why are you pursuing these goals, what is the deeper meaning? Challenge yourself to take action towards your dreams.

+ North Node trines Saturn 10th April

Self discipline & setting boundaries will help you step out of your comfort zone & grow. A positively challenging time, as you work hard & evolve to the next level.

+ New moon in Aries on 12th April

This new moon gives us a fresh start. Expect to feel motivated & positive about creating fresh changes in your life this new moon. It’s time to turn over a new leaf, emerge from your cocoon & let your true colours shine.

+ Mars trines Jupiter on 17th April

Taking action this week will bring positive news! All the hard work you’ve done during the start of the month is now paying off.

+ Sun moves into Taurus on 20th April

Life will take a slower pace for the next 4 weeks. It’s time to indulge in beauty, love & following your passions, while taking practical action towards your goals. Focus, stay grounded, and you can make steady progress over the month ahead.

+ Full moon in Scorpio on 27th March

A full moon to release your fears & insecurities. What have you been worried about lately? What is your biggest fear? How are you sabotaging yourself? It’s time to release your fears & transform your energy.


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Comment below and let me know: What are you excited about for April? What projects are you currently working hard on? Do you have a question you’d like me to answer on a future episode?