Ever wondered how to become more intuitive or psychic? Do you wish you could foretell the future, or just *know* when things are going to happen? In today’s episode, I’m sharing 3 (easy!) ways for you to awaken your intuition and begin to explore your intuitive powers.


Tip #1: Find inner stillness. We are so often looking for the next distraction – scrolling Facebook, checking emails, busying ourselves with tasks on our to-do lists, watching Netflix – that we don’t make time to just be STILL and PRESENT. Why are we not comfortable with our thoughts? When you do find stillness – what comes up for you? Boredom often arises because we don’t want to face what’s inside ourselves – we look externally for something to fill our cups. Finding time in your day for stillness & presence will help you connect with your inner self – whether that’s meditation, focusing on deep breathing, or spending time in nature (without your phone, please!). Connecting with the inner self heightens your awareness and awakens your intuitive knowing. When you become present, grounded and AWARE, you connect to your intuition.

Tip #2: Practice intuitive arts. Whether it’s tarot, astrology, channelling, divination, or something else that requires your intuition, keep practicing it & implementing it into your everyday life. You know what they say about practice makes perfect. The more your practice using your intuition, the clearer it becomes. Even if you feel like you need to use the guidebook that came with your tarot deck, or you need to Google what Venus in Aries means, keep practicing! Eventually you’ll gain confidence to intuitively read the cards independently (or whatever intuitive art you’re practicing) – you’ll get a “feel” for the energy of the cards, planets, runes, or whatever tool you’re using.

Tip #3: Plant medicine. There are so many plants that help to awaken the intuition. There are plants which are classed as “nervines” – meaning they calm the nervous system & allow clear thought – such as wood betony, skullcap, passionflower & oats. Nervines awaken the intuition by bringing the mind back to stillness (as I talked about at the start of this episode). These herbs I have just mentioned are generally considered safe to consume, and are commonly taken as a tea – add 1 teaspoon of dried herb to 1 cup of hot water, and steep for 5-10 minutes before drinking. These plants may act subtly – I find continued use of these herbs over time creates a more noticeable affect, rather than trying it once and thinking “that didn’t work!”. For something a bit stronger, you might like to look into mugwort, Mexican dream herb or ceremonial cacao. Of course, there’s also psychedelic plant medicine such as psilocybe mushrooms, ayahuasca, cacti medicine & marijuana, which all open neural pathways to enhance the intuition, but consider the legality & safety of using these medicines.


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Comment below and let me know: what do you do to awaken YOUR intuition? Share your tips with others!