Feeling unfulfilled with your career? Let the cosmos guide you to finding your soul-aligned career. In this episode of the Herbal Moon Goddess Podcast, special guest career astrologer Natalie Walstein from Soulshine Astrology guides us through the magick of finding your cosmic calling.

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Today I’m chatting with career astrologer Natalie Walstein from Soulshine Astrology about finding your cosmic calling – your soul-aligned career according to your astrology chart. Natalie shares her journey of how she found her cosmic calling, and why this is her passion – to help OTHERS find their cosmic callings too!

Natalie also shares what to look for in your astrology chart to find your cosmic calling. Tune in and have your astrology chart ready so you can follow along!

You can find Natalie at: https://www.soulshineastrology.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/soulshineastrology

Pre-orders (US & Canada) are now open for Natalie’s book, Find Your Cosmic Calling: A Guide To Discovering Your Life’s Work With Astrology. Click here to find out more!


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