The new moon is possibly the most POTENT time in the moon cycle for manifesting your goals. Why? Because this is when you get clear on EXACTLY what you want to manifest. Clarity is the key to manifesting!

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In this episode I guide you through harnessing the energy of the new moon so you can get clear on what you want to manifest.

The new moon is the beginning on a new moon cycle, so use this time to go within to discover exactly what it is that you want to manifest into your reality.

You can use the SMART goals framework to help you get really clear on what to manifest. There’s different version of this SMART framework, so feel free to use what feels good for you.

S – specific

What are the specific details of what you want? Perhaps there’s a certain number, model, version, colour, brand…get really specific about it. You’re allowed to be picky!

M – measurable

How are you going to measure whether you’re successful or not? If there a quantity that you can measure, or other milestones that show you that you’re on track to reaching your goals? Find a way to measure success (and celebrate each time you get a bit closer to your goal!).

A – actionable/achievable

How can you take action towards your goal? Is it something that YOU can take action on? The letter A can also stand for “achievable” – is your goal something that you can actually achieve? Do you need to break it down into smaller goals?

R – realistic

Stay realistic as you’re setting your goals – you can easily dream big, but what’s more realistic for you to achieve now? Work on making incremental upgrades if you have a HUGE goal you’re working towards – just take baby steps towards that bigger goal.

T – time-specific

When do you want to achieve your goal by? Set yourself a deadline so you know exactly WHEN you want to manifest your goal by.

Make sure you tune into the next episode when I’ll take you further on this moon manifesting journey… 


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Comment below and let me know: What goals are you setting this new moon? Do you have any magical goal-setting tips to share?