The waxing moon is when we shift from planning mode to action mode. After getting clear on your goals during the new moon, the waxing moon is when you actually do the work to manifest those goals. Here’s how to harness the energy of the waxing moon phase…

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The waxing moon is the time from the new moon until the full moon – the first half of the moon cycle. The moon gets a bit fuller each night, beginning with just a slim crescent visible after sunset until it reaches the full luminosity of the full moon.

The waxing moon can be broken down into 3 distinct phases:

  • Waxing crescent
  • First quarter
  • Waxing gibbous

Although each of these phases bring a different energy, the overall theme of the waxing moon is TAKING ACTION.

The waxing crescent is when we take our goals & intentions from the new moon and begin to consider HOW we will achieve them. We plan ahead, research & make decisions. It might not feel like tangible progress is being made towards your goals, but this initial planning stage is essential for optimum manifesting success.

About 1 week after the new moon, you’ll see the first quarter moon. The first quarter phase marks the shift from planning to action-taking. This is when we work towards our goals, taking aligned action to get us closer to our desires. It’s easy to get busy & active during this moon phase, so keep yourself focused on your goals. Try to take aligned action DAILY towards your goals.

Ask yourself: what can I do today that will bring me closer to my goal?

During the week before the full moon, the moon is in the waxing gibbous phase. You might notice that you feel a big PUSH towards your goals – you’ll naturally work harder & longer towards manifesting your goals. You’ll have the energy to overcome obstacles, resistance or procrastination. As our energy levels rise as the moon gets fuller, you’ll have more energy to do whatever it takes to bring your dreams into your reality.

Tune into the moon cycle and notice how you feel when the moon is waxing. Not sure when the moon is waxing? Download my FREE moon calendar to help you!

Make sure you tune into the next episode when I’ll take you further on this moon manifesting journey…we’ll begin exploring how to harness the energy of full moons.


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Comment below and let me know: Do you notice a shift in your energy during the waxing moon? What are your favourite ways to take aligned action?