The full moon marks the peak energy of the moon cycle – and this is often when we see our intentions & goals materialize into our reality. In this episode, I’ll guide you through harnessing the energy of the full moon through gratitude so you can harvest & receive what you’ve been wishing for!

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The full moon is when our projects, goals & intentions come to a peak. Completion is often signified by the full moon. We work hard and push ourselves during the waxing gibbous moon phase, and on the full moon we CELEBRATE our hard work.

This is why we can often harvest our goals during the full moon. We’ve done the work, now it’s time to RECEIVE whatever it is that we’ve been working hard towards.

However, that’s not to say that you’ll be manifesting your goals that you set on the last new moon just 2 weeks ago. It’s often more helpful to view the moon cycle through the zodiac signs. This means that the intentions you set on the new moon in Aries will often manifest & come to completion on the full moon in Aries – which falls about 6 months later. 

So don’t lose hope if you don’t manifest your goals quickly! Have patience – often we do just need to wait for everything to happen in Divine timing.


One of the BEST tools for opening yourself to receive & harvest during the full moon is GRATITUDE. The full moon is the perfect time for showing gratitude. By being thankful for what is already in your life, you send a clear message to the Universe that you want MORE of what you already have.

So if you’re manifesting money, you could show gratitude for…

* Coins you find in your car, behind the lounge, on the ground.

* Money that you receive from all sources.

* Free things that you receive (that you would have had to buy otherwise)

* Savings or discounts that you receive


 Open yourself to receiving MORE with the power of gratitude.

Gratitude is often under-estimated, but this technique is really powerful! Try writing out all the things you are grateful for (and want MORE of!) during the next full moon, and see what manifests in your life.

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Make sure you tune into the next episode when I’ll take you further on this moon manifesting journey…we’ll explore the importance of LETTING GO with the help of the waning moon.


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Comment below and let me know: What have you received or harvested during a full moon? Do you have a powerful full moon manifesting practice? Share it with us!