The waning moon is when we shift from pushing our energy outwards, and begin to focus our energy inwards. This final phase on the moon cycle is when we review what’s working, and release what’s no longer working…

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The waning moon is the time from the full moon until the new moon – the last half of the moon cycle. The moon gets a bit less illuminated each night, and as it rises over the horizon later & later into the night, the moon may be difficult to see during this phase (unless you’re up late at night, or wake up before dawn).

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The waning moon can be broken down into 4 distinct phases:

  • Waning gibbous
  • Last quarter
  • Waning crescent
  • Balsamic moon/dark moon

Although each of these phases bring a different energy, the overall theme of the waning moon is LETTING GO.

The waning gibbous moon occurs during the week after the full moon. The energy is still heightened during this phase, but there’s a more relaxed feel in comparison to the waxing gibbous & full moon energies. Channel this energy into giving to others & sharing. As the full moon is associated with harvest and manifestation, the waning gibbous moon provides an opportunity to SHARE that abundance you received on the full moon.

About 1 week after the full moon, you’ll see the last quarter moon. If you look to the west, you might see the last quarter moon around late morning/midday. The last quarter phase is an important time for reviewing & making changes. What’s working? What’s NOT working? What needs to change as we move forward into a new moon cycle?

Ask yourself: what needs to change in my life?

During the week before the new moon, the moon is in the waning crescent phase. You might notice that your energy levels are low – you might feel tired, need more sleep, or – if you haven’t been taking care of your body – you might be feeling quite rundown or ill. That’s why this phase is important for self-care and healing. After working soooo hard towards your goals, you need to take a break! Let go of anything that’s unnecessary in your life. Take things OFF your to-do list. Move at a slower pace.

You might be thinking, “Well how am I supposed to achieve my goals by taking time off?”. As an ex-workaholic, I can totally relate to that – it feels counter-intuitive, right? But TRUST ME – something really magical happens when you take time off. I’ve heard from soooo many people who manifest amazing things while on vacation, while they’re sleeping, or when they just take time away from their work. It actually WORKS!

The last moon phase of the moon cycle occurs just before the new moon – literally, the day or two before the new moon. This is the dark moon – also known as the balsamic moon. Just before the new moon cycle begins, we are called to come to stillness. Meditate. Do slooow yin yoga poses. Sleep more. Listen to sound healing. Watch a good movie. Sit quietly and paint, journal, knit, drink tea, or whatever you feel called to do. Resting is essential to help you INTEGRATE all those actions you’ve taken towards your goals in this moon cycle. You’ve done the hard work – now let the Universe take over for a bit!

Tune into the moon cycle and notice how you feel when the moon is waning. Not sure when the moon is waning? Download my FREE moon calendar to help you!


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Comment below and let me know: Do you notice a shift in your energy during the waning moon? What are your favourite ways to let go & surrender?