Have you noticed that some days are luckier than others? In this episode, you’ll discover exactly WHEN your luckiest days of the year are so you can make the most of this lucky energy.

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Did you know that there are a number of days throughout the year when the stars align to bring YOU luck? Using astrology, we can pinpoint EXACTLY when that lucky energy is due to arrive in your life. 

Today I’m going to guide you through finding just TWO of your luckiest days of the year. There are many other days throughout the year when luck flows into your life, but on these two particular days the energy is strongest.

So, pull up your natal astrology chart (you can get a free natal chart here) and let’s get started!

To start off, let’s find JUPITER on your chart. You’ll need to find the exact degree, and what sign Jupiter is in.

Now, we’re going to find the day that the Sun moves into that exact degree. The Sun moves about 1 degree per day, so when the Sun moves into that exact degree that your natal Jupiter is in, this day is one of your luckiest days of the year! Discover the day that the Sun moves into that exact degree of your natal Jupiter by using planetwatcher.com – you can toggle forwards or backwards to find the exact day.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, optimism, luck & expansion. The Sun symbolizes your focus or consciousness. So the day that the Sun is conjunct with your natal Jupiter is when your focus will be on the positivity & luck in your life! It’s a really happy & joyful day for you.

Now we’re going to find another lucky day of the year for you, and that’s by finding your Lucky Star.

The Lucky Star, also known as the Part of Fortune or Pars Fortunae, isn’t actually a planet or star that we can see in the sky. It’s based on a mathematical equation between your sun sign, moon sign & rising sign. It’s important to have an accurate time of birth on your natal chart for your Lucky Star to also be accurate, so if you don’t know the exact time of your birth you can just skip this step and focus on your Jupiter lucky day.

If you’re using astro.com to pull up your natal chart and can’t see the Part of Fortune on your chart, click this link to create an extended selection chart – you’ll need to scroll to the bottom to add the Pars Fortunae to your chart.

So once you’ve found the exact degree and sign that your Lucky Star / Pars Fortunae falls in, you can go back to planetwatcher.com to toggle through and find the exact day that the Sun moves into this degree.

When the Sun conjoins your Lucky Star, lucky energy flows into your life. It’s a really lucky day for good opportunities & bringing positivity into your life.

These two lucky dates that you have found through this exercise happen EVERY year! Personally I love to add a reminder to my phone calendar so that I get a notification to remind me that it’s a lucky day 🙂 

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    Comment below and let me know: When are your luckiest day(s) of the year? Have you noticed anything lucky happening on these dates of the year?