You’re intrigued by the moon, but how do you begin to harness this lunar energy? Learn how to create more magic in your life by tuning into the moon in this episode of the Herbal Moon Goddess Podcast.

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Add more magic & meaning to your life when you work with the energy of the moon. Knowing how the different moon phases & zodiac energies affect you is so important! This wisdom helps you understand how you’ll be feeling on different days (so you can plan accordingly!).

In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* Ways to work with the moon on a daily basis

* Why you should be tuning into the energy of the moon

* How I started making the monthly Moon Manifesting Calendars

PLUS – an exciting announcement!

My book Moon Manifesting is now available! It’s your handbook to working with EVERY moon phase to manifest your deepest desires. Click here to order your copy.


    Comment below and let me know: How do you check in with the lunar energy? Do you practice moon manifesting?