Are you feeling drawn to tarot reading as your career or work? In this episode I reveal exactly how I began, and how to start a tarot reading business for yourself.

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Have you ever thought about doing tarot readings as a job or career? When I first started reading cards for clients about 5 years ago, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Even though I was (kinda) confident about reading the cards, I had no idea how to charge appropriately or provide an effective reading.

Since my humble beginnings, I’ve developed my skills as a tarot reader AND as a businesswoman, so today I’m sharing how YOU can easily get paid to read tarot.

I feel like the timing of this episode is so Divine, as tarot readers (and other spiritual guidance) are very needed in the world today. With so much chaos and uncertainty, more people are looking to spirituality for answers. If you can provide spiritual guidance, you have a role to play in the world right now.

My grandfather recently asked me if my business had been affected by recent lockdowns due to COVID. As a tarot reader, working mostly online, my business & income hasn’t been affected AT ALL by local lockdowns. I’m so fortunate and grateful for this fact, especially when I talk to friends who have had to leave their jobs due to this situation. This is why I’m really passionate about helping YOU discover how you can continue to make money by using your tarot reading skills and how to start a tarot reading business that’s pandemic-proof, too.

In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* My top tips for getting started on your journey as a tarot reader

* Exactly how I got started as a tarot reader

* My experiences with in-person, written & online live readings

Ready for the next step?

I’ve just opened doors to the Professional Tarot Reading Course inside the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy. Discover everything you need to know about becoming a PROFESSIONAL tarot reader, from advanced card reading techniques to marketing skills. 

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