Want a peek behind-the-scenes at Herbal Moon Goddess? In this episode I’m sharing exactly what I’ve manifested during the month November 2021 in my life & business.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* What’s new at Herbal Moon Goddess this month

* Life goals I achieved

* What I manifested this past month


At the start of November I FINALLY got my hands on the physical copies of my 2022 Moon Manifesting Planner. I’m so excited by this year’s planner – there’s so many features like daily astrological transits, moon void-of-course times, tarot spreads for each new & full moon, and more.

One of my goals this month was to hold a giveaway as a promotion for the 2022 Moon Manifesting Planner. I collaborated with some other soulpreneur friends, Rachael at The Wandering Moon Co and Sasha at Essential Potential, and we gave away an amazing moon manifesting bundle to a lucky winner!

I held a Waning Moon Detox at the end of the month, which came from an idea I had while juice cleansing earlier in the month. This was a fun free event filled with daily yoga/meditation! About 100 people signed up for this Waning Moon Detox, and I’m so grateful to build connections with those who joined in.

I also re-opened tarot & astrology readings after taking almost 2 months break. I really wanted to take a break from work while the sun was moving through my 12th house, so it felt really good to take a break from at least one aspect of my business! I’m really excited about doing tarot & astrology readings again now that I’m refreshed & recharged.



I took 2 courses this month, although they were both kinda business related, I’m still counting them as life goals. I took a 5 Day Challenge Course which provided the template & system for the Waning Moon Detox I created. I also discovered (and fell in love with) Leonie Dawson! I immediately signed up for her Work Less Earn More course, and it was so inspiring! It’s helping me to find a new perspective about the “busywork” I’m doing, and how to be more productive. Life-changing, seriously!

Me and my family went on a camping trip for my husband’s birthday. We used to go camping a lot but we hadn’t been camping at all this year, so it felt amaaazing to get back out into nature.

I run a community page on Instagram @australianwitches where we share & support Australian witchy small businesses. At the start of the month, me and fellow admins Herbal Hiraeth and Lunarincite ran a Beltane photo-a-day challenge. This was really fun to celebrate the sabbat with other witches & pagans! 

I made an effort to get out into nature more often, and I’ve been on weekly nature walks this month. The kids have been loving these nature walks too, and we’ve been exploring a few of our local areas together. These nature walks have been so grounding with the intensity of eclipse season!

I also signed up for Young Living, and I’ve fallen in love with their oils. It’s reignited my love for essential oils, and I’ve been creating lots of potions in my diffuser & making some roller blends for myself. My new morning ritual now includes choosing a blend for the diffuser before I start my day.



This month was an INCREDIBLE month for manifesting technology! I manifested TWO amazing technology upgrades.

1. A new mic for the podcast! I got a Shure MV88, which plugs straight into my iPhone. The quality is pretty great (at least in my opinion, compared to built-in mic) and it’s so convenient & compact!

2. A new computer! This was really really REALLY exciting. At the time of recording the podcast, I was yet to receive the actual computer (iMac 24″ Purple) but I’m actually typing this blog post on it NOW! My old laptop is about 5 years old and getting slooooooow, so it was time for an upgrade. I’ve been manifesting this computer for a while, so it feels INCREDIBLE to finally receive it!

Other things I manifested:

* A free reading from a friend on Instagram. It was a pretty cool reading using a divination tool I’ve never seen before! She used a wooden astrology wheel board, and dropped crystals onto it. Wherever the crystals landed, that would signify the messages. I’m so grateful for this reading, it was such a good feeling to have someone else read for me!

* I started to receive royalty payments from my book! I published Moon Manifesting in late September, after months and months of writing, so it feels really good to finally be harvesting my rewards from my hard work.

How much money I manifested: about AU$23500

I’ve been tracking my income from ALL sources for a while now, and it has really helped me to manifest more money into my life! My goal was actually $30K for November, but I’m still pretty pleased with the final numbers.

I hope you enjoyed this monthly review! Let me know if you want to hear more episodes like this.

Comment below and let me know: What did you manifest or achieve in November? I’d love to know!