Plan your year ahead with me! Discover how to find your personal theme for the year ahead using astrology.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* How to find your personal theme for the year ahead

* What’s coming up for YOU in 2022

* A collective forecast for the energy of 2022

Plan a magickal year ahead

At the start of the year, it’s a great time to set yourself some goals for the year ahead. The sun is in Capricorn from 22 December to January 20, so this is when we naturally focus on our long-term goals, careers, and the impact we want to create.

Setting yearly goals for myself has helped me SO MUCH when it comes to manifesting the life I want. Long-term goals don’t manifest overnight, but when you plant that seed at the beginning of the year you can nurture those goals and eventually they will manifest.

Find your yearly focus

Pull up your natal chart to help you discover what’s coming up for you for the year ahead. You can create a free natal chart at or other websites.

Not sure how to read your chart? I’ll guide you through EXACTLY what’s coming up for you for the year ahead with a personal reading. I’ll look at your ENTIRE chart for a comprehensive overview, as well as answering your specific questions. Click here to book a reading with me.

To find your yearly focus, let’s look at where Jupiter will be transiting for the year ahead on your chart. Jupiter symbolizes growth, luck & joy, so by understanding where Jupiter will be transiting your natal chart you can discover what area of your life will experience the most growth.

For most of 2022, Jupiter will be in Pisces, so check where Pisces is on your natal chart.

You’ll want to find out which houses Pisces covers on your chart. It’s possible that Pisces is in 1-2 houses, so you may have a few areas of focus for the year ahead.

What house is Pisces in on your chart?

* 1st House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your appearance, identity & personal branding

* 2nd House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be manifesting your goals, especially money, possessions & romance

* 3rd House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be communication & connections

* 4th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your home & family, and income security

* 5th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your creativity, play & fun

* 6th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your health, work & daily routines

* 7th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your relationships and how you give & receive support

* 8th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your business & how you make money, as well as facing your fears

* 9th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be education & exploration as you seek deeper meaning

* 10th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your career & how you make an impact on the world

* 11th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your community & friendships, and how you make the world a better place for all

* 12th House: your biggest area of growth for 2022 will be your spirituality, deeper purpose & rest (this is a great year to take long-service leave!)

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Now that you know your yearly focus for the year ahead, we can discover your MONTHLY focus so you can plan out each month.

This follows a similar process to how we just found your focus for the year by finding which house Jupiter will be transiting on your chart.

Find your monthly focus

To find your monthly focus, we’ll be discovering will house the Sun will be transiting on your chart each month.

The Sun moves through approximately one astrological house per month. There’s 12 houses, and 12 months of the year, so you can roughly match up the energy of the houses to each month.

In a personal astrology reading, I do go more in-depth and provide exact dates, but for this blog I’m keeping things simple so you don’t get confused! 😉

Find where Capricorn is on your chart, as this will indicate where the Sun will be transiting during most of January. For example, Capricorn is mostly in my 2nd house, so for me January will be focused on the 2nd house themes of manifesting goals & desires.

Here’s a rough guide of which zodiac sign the Sun will be transiting each calendar month:

January = Capricorn

February = Aquarius

March = Pisces

April = Aries

May = Taurus

June = Gemini

July = Cancer

August = Leo

September = Virgo

October = Libra

November = Scorpio

December = Sagittarius

So find out which house(s) fall in each zodiac signs so you can determine which month will be the best timing for certain projects throughout the year. For example, when the sun is in your 3rd or 9th house, you may want to focus on writing a book or educating others.


Forecast for 2022

Now let’s explore the collective energies coming up for 2022!

Jupiter is in Pisces for most of the year, so on a collective level we’re experiencing growth with spirituality. I feel like there’s a mass spiritual awakening happening, with more and more people awakening to the spiritual realm.

As Jupiter transits Pisces, it conjoins Neptune around 13th April 2022. Neptune is the planet of spirituality & unconditional love, so we’re going to be experiencing a deeper spiritual growth around this time. Yes, 2022 truly is a year of spiritual growth!

Jupiter and it’s effects on spiritual awakening will trigger energies of other planets. In early April, Jupiter makes a sextile with the North Node in Taurus, creating opportunities for stepping out of our comfort zones to bring more abundance & luck into our lives. Jupiter will then sextile Pluto in Capricorn in May 2022, triggering growth as we follow our happiness. There’s a lot of positive growth occurring in the year ahead!

As the North Node of Future Destiny transits Taurus through 2022, it will conjoin Uranus in August. Expect the unexpected as you grow & rebel in practical ways. Things may feel hard or challenging during this time, with surprises being thrown in to “rock the boat”, but stay calm and TRUST that the Universe is pushing you in the right direction.

The collective themes for 2022 are centred around spiritual growth as it manifests in the physical world in unexpected ways…

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Comment below and let me know: What’s coming up for you in 2022? What’s your yearly focus & biggest area of growth? I’d love to know your goals for the year ahead!