Want a peek behind-the-scenes at Herbal Moon Goddess? In this episode I’m sharing exactly what I’ve manifested during the month December 2021 in my life & business.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* What’s new at Herbal Moon Goddess this month

* Life goals I achieved

* What I manifested this past month


This month I actually had a bit of time off, not only due to the holiday season but I also had some wisdom teeth removed. So I feel like December was a slow month here at Herbal Moon Goddess!

Highlights of this month:

* Doing tarot readings at a local Christmas party! It was so fun to do readings in-person again, as I now mainly conduct readings online via Zoom.

* Lots of online tarot & astrology readings this month as bookings were reopened. Bookings are already flowing in for January, and I’m so excited to be blessed with beautiful clients!

* I held a Venus Retrograde Masterclass in the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy. I love these monthly live online classes! This month, I did mini-readings for some students during our live class, discussing what to expect during December-January while Venus is in retrograde.



 With lots of time off during this month, I achieved a lot of “life” goals! 

* I finally got 2 wisdom teeth removed. It’s something I’ve known has needed to happen for a while, but secretly I was dreading it. I put it off for years, but I finally plucked up the courage to do it. Funnily, it was the best experience I’ve had with teeth removal! Relatively pain-free, and incredibly fast healing. No swelling. No pain meds (only the local anaesthetic in-chair). I used Rescue Remedy flower essence as soon as I got home from the dentist, as I felt like my body was going into shock. Then I applied some diluted essential oils to my outer cheek (Young Living Panaway is incredible stuff!). And that was it! Totally not what I expected – I’d scheduled time off because I thought I would be in too much pain to work, haha.

* We had family photos taken by a pro photographer! It was the first time we’d had proper family photos taken since my first son was a baby – and we now have four children! So it was definitely time to update the family photos. It was a great experience for the whole family, and I’m in love with the photos!

* I celebrated Litha with my family this month, which is one of the highlights of our year. We choose not to celebrate Christmas, but we celebrate Litha/Summer Solstice a few days earlier instead. We exchanged gifts & had a fun day at the park.

* I also ran a Litha photo-a-day challenge on my community page @australianwitches on Instagram. This 7 day challenge was so much fun, and helped me prepare my own Litha altar. We hold these photo challenges for each Sabbat, so be sure to come join us in January-February for Lammas!

* With so much time off, I found a new hobby. I started playing Stardew Valley! If you ever played Harvest Moon (like I did, on the SNES in 90s), you’ll love Stardew Valley. I clocked up about 60 hours this month – farming, foraging, fishing, mining, socializing with villagers, getting married…I really got absorbed in this game haha.

* I also planned a lot for the year ahead! I used the Goal Getter Yearly Life Workbook & Goal Getter Yearly Business Workbook by Leonie Dawson, as well as the 2022 Moon Manifesting Planner, to get super clear on what I want to manifest in the year ahead. I’m so inspired for 2022 – bring it on!



I was specific about what I wanted to manifest this month: new outfits and Litha gifts for the whole family.

So we all got new outfits before our family photoshoot! It was so much fun shopping, coordinating outfits & dressing up the whole family. I got to be creative with it, and choose outfits that showcased each person’s individuality.

We had an abundant Litha, with meaningful gifts exchanged. I was really excited to gift my husband an Apple Watch, and even more excited to see how much he enjoys it!

How much money I manifested: about AU$9000

I’ve been tracking my income from ALL sources for a while now, and it has really helped me to manifest more money into my life! My goal was actually $30K for December, so I didn’t quite reach my goal. However, I’m still extremely grateful for what I’ve manifested – I remember a time when my YEARLY income was less than $20,000.

I hope you enjoyed this monthly review! My wish is that it inspires you to dream big & manifest the life that YOU desire, too.

Comment below and let me know: What did you manifest or achieve in December? I’d love to know!