Something that happens to us ALL when we’re about 29 is a challenging time called our Saturn return. Discover what it’s all about & my advice for you in this episode…

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* What exactly is a Saturn return & what it means

* My personal experience of Saturn return

* My tips for getting through this challenging time

 What is a Saturn return?

About 29.5 years after you were born, Saturn will return to the exact place in the sky that it was in when you were born. Yes, it takes Saturn a whopping 29.5 years to completely move through the 12 zodiac signs!

This also means that you’ll experience a 2nd Saturn return at around age 58-59, and a 3rd Saturn return around ages 87-90.

So as the transiting Saturn comes close to your natal Saturn, you’ll begin to feel the effects on this Saturnian energy quite strongly.

As Saturn moves so slooooowly (and spends almost half the year in retrograde each year), then it’s likely that Saturn will hover around this exact degree for quite some time. You may feel the effects of your first Saturn return from age 27 up to age 32!

If you were born between 1991-1993, you’re likely going through your Saturn return now as Saturn moves through Aquarius.


What does Saturn return mean?

So you know to expect a Saturn return at around age 29, but what exactly does that mean?

Saturn is the planet of:

  • Maturity
  • Challenge
  • Responsibility
  • Control
  • Self-discipline
  • Strictness

Saturn brings hard, challenging work, which rewards you later in life.

So a Saturn return really amplifies this Saturnian energy. You can expect to feel really challenged by life during your Saturn return. You may feel a shift within yourself as you transition from the playful 20s into the more mature adulthood of your 30s. You may find yourself burdened with responsibilities, debts, duties, or other things in your life that require a huge amount of self-discipline & dedication.


My first Saturn return

I’m currently 32, so I’m just coming out of my first Saturn return – and what a ride it was!

During my Saturn return, I finished my qualification to become an herbalist and I began practicing herbal medicine. For me, this marked the transition from being a full-time stay-at-home mum to actually going out to work.

Even though I was passionate about herbal medicine and I loved helping my clients with their health goals, I started to question myself.

“What do I actually want to do with my life?”

Even though I finally had a career, I felt lost. I didn’t feel like my soul was aligned with the work I was doing. Through my studies to become a herbalist, herbal medicine had lost some of it grassroots and had become more medicalized. I felt like I had to put a mask on and pretend to be someone who I’m not.

So when I was literally 29.5, in the summer of 2019, I reached out to a friend with an idea that felt more true to my soul’s cravings. Let’s co-host a full moon circle! And that is how I began my business, Herbal Moon Goddess. That first full moon circle was a huge confirmation that THIS is the work I truly want to do. Connecting others through spirituality, connecting others to their inner self.

I feel like my Saturn return was a spiritual awakening. It was during this time that I first started reading tarot cards and began paying attention to the spiritual world. This was when I started setting new moon intentions and believing that there IS something bigger out there, whether it’s God, Buddha, Krishna, the Universe, or some other Higher Being by another name.

My Saturn return was a hugely challenging time, but sometimes we need to go through these challenges to find out what we truly want in life.


How to navigate your Saturn return

So if your Saturn return is coming up (or you’re already in the midst of it), here’s my tips for you.

  • Trust that the challenges you are going through now are leading you to the right path.
  • Keep doing the hard work. You’ll be rewarded later in life.
  • Seek spiritual guidance. I wish I had talked with an astrologer back when I was going through my Saturn return! Astrology really helps you understand the bigger picture.

If you need help navigating this challenging time, I’m here for you! Book in a reading with me and let’s chat about what your Saturn return means for YOU, plus any other questions coming up for you. If you’re feeling lost, wondering what your purpose is, or feeling really down from life’s challenges, I can help you understand this energy.

Comment below and let me know: Have you experienced your Saturn return? Tell us about it in the comments!