What did you manifest this past year? In this episode, I’m sharing what I manifested in my life & biz throughout 2021, plus my top tips to help YOU manifest an amazing year ahead.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

* How I set my goals each year

* What goals I set in 2021 & what I actually manifested

* How you can achieve your goals in 2022


So I looked back at the goals I set at the start of 2021, and here’s what they were:

* Create a herb/astrology/crystal inspired tarot deck. Didn’t quite get there, but I’ve started work on my tarot deck for 2022 – yay! Stay tuned 😉

* Write a moon manifesting book. YES I did this! You can check out my book Moon Manifesting here.

* Run group programs to help mindful boss babes manifest their goals. YES I did this too! I launched multiple group programs throughout 2021 with this underlying theme. So fun!

* Travel to a few local-ish places, which didn’t happen at all. Hoping to travel more in 2022!

* A new house. Didn’t happen either, but made slow progress towards this goal.

* Pay off business loans. YES I did this! What a relief to pay off debts.



I had some fun putting together some stats for you all!

Podcast episodes published: 45

Courses published: 10

Youtube videos published: 40

Books published: 4

Money manifested: about $180,000

Favourite music: Lofi Girl

Favourite game: either #Selfcare app or Stardew Valley

Books read: 5

Meditations published: 21

Journals filled: 3

Instagram posts: 412

Steps taken: 2,400,000


The first step is to get out your 2022 Moon Manifesting Planner (or other 2022 planner!) and write down your goals for the year ahead! Writing out your goals is the first step to success.

Finding clarity on your goals will help you immensely. Get clear about the details, rather than just being vague. The more detailed you get, the easier the manifesting process becomes.

Then be consistent with your goals! Check in with them regularly, or keep taking consistent action towards your goals. Keep showing up, and you’ll make some huge progress throughout the year.

You can’t set a goal and wait for it to manifest on it’s own. Manifestation requires ACTION, so keep taking that consistent action! Small steps add up over time.


Need some guidance for the year ahead? Set your 2022 goals & manifest them with the 2022 Moon Manifesting Planner. Available here.

I hope you enjoyed this annual review! My wish is that it inspires you to dream big & manifest the life that YOU desire, too.

Comment below and let me know: What did you manifest or achieve in 2021? What are your goals for 2022? I’d love to know!