It’s that time again! Mercury goes into retrograde on 14th January 2022, and here’s what to do (and what NOT to do) during this time.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • What is Mercury retrograde
  • What to expect during Mercury Rx in January-February 2022
  • Do’s & don’ts for Mercury Rx

What is Mercury retrograde?

Here’s a (kinda) funny story to start this off.

So I’d just written out a long (probably 1000-word) blog post here all about Mercury retrograde, but then somehow technology failed and I lost the entire blog post. I tried to recover from the browser backup, but that wouldn’t load. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it back, so I’m having to write this entire blog post again.


Technology is one of the things that is affected by this astrological event, as well as communication, so writing a blog post is definitely one of thoses things that can get somewhat disrupted during this time.

How ironic…

Shit like this happens all the time during Mercury retrograde, but it happens so we can review, reflect & refine our ideas. O’m sure that writing this blog post a second time will bring further clarity to help you all understand exactly what Mercury Rx is all about.

So, let’s explore – what exactly is Mercury retrograde?

This is a natural occurence that actually happens quite frequently, although it can cause some panic to people who don’t fully understand this energy.

I feel like Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation. On Instagram, it feels like everyone talks about the negatives of Mercury rx, like travel plans not working out, technology failing, communication errors.

But there’s a lot of positives, too. I’ll share more about that later in this post.

Mercury retrograde happens about 3 or 4 times per year, roughly every 3 months. Mercury goes into retrograde for about 3 weeks at a time, although the 1-2 weeks before AND after Mercury retrograde are known as the “shadow phase”. During this shadow phase, we can still experience the effects of Mercury rx.

But hold up – what does Mercury retrograde even mean?

All the planets go into retrograde at some point every year or two. This just means that from our perspective here on Earth, the planets *appear* to be going backwards in the sky. They aren’t actually moving backwards – it’s just an optical illusion. But that’s what retrograde means – backward movement.

Yes, Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion!

But the energy of these planetary positions & directions definitely affects us here on Earth, even if they are just an illusion.

How does Mercury retrograde affect people?

In astrology, Mercury rules things like travel, intellect, communication & technology. So when Mercury is in retrograde, those are the things that will be adversely affected.

I think of the energy of retrograde planets as similar to the energy of reversed tarot cards. It’s like the energy of that planet becomes blocked or challenged. The energy can feel confused or lack clarity.

So when Mercury is in retrograde, you can expect things like:

  • Travel delays
  • Brain fog
  • Communication errors
  • Technology failures

You might be thinking by now it’s a good time to hibernate when Mercury is in retrograde! But don’t think it’s all doom and gloom yet – there’s definitely positives to Mercury rx. I’ll share these shortly.

Mercury retrograde January 2022

Mercury will go into retrograde on 14th January 2022 at 10° Aquarius, however you could feel the effects of this retrograde from the start of the year.

As Mercury retraces it’s path through Aquarius to 24° Capricorn, it will form a few aspects with different planets & asteroids. These aspects tell us about the energy that Mercury Rx will be igniting.

I feel the most important of these aspects is Mercury conjoining Pluto (30th December 2021, 29th January 2022 and 12th February). Pluto is the planet of transformation, so we can expect to feel an urge to transform our thoughts or communication around those dates. This can be a good time to review & make changes to our plans for the year ahead. Mercury rx isn’t a great time for moving forward with new ideas, so make the plans for changes but don’t act on them yet.

Mercury will also make sextile aspects with Chiron (the asteroid of healing) and Pallas Athena (the asteroid of spiritual understanding) during this time. Sextiles bring an easy compatible energy where opportunities are created. I feel that this Mercury retrograde through January & February will gently help us heal & find a deeper spiritual understanding of why we need to heal and what we need to heal from. Talking about our past wounds & sharing our spiritual ideas with others could be beneficial during this time.

Mercury retrograde officially ends on 4th February, but don’t rush into travelling or moving forward with new ideas! We won’t be out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde until 24th February 2022, so still take care with your travel plans, communication & technology.

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Mercury retrograde do’s and don’ts

Okay so I’ve been sharing a lot about what NOT to do during Mercury retrograde, but I feel Mercury retrograde brings us an opportunity to focus on other activities. There’s definitely a few positives to this energy!

What to do during Mercury retrograde:

  • Check & review your plans for 2022
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Backup your devices
  • Talk stuff over with a friend or partner
  • Look for the spiritual meaning behind things happening in your life
  • Transform your thoughts
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Review ideas from the past

Avoid doing these things during Mercury retrograde:

  • Don’t go on impromptu trips or travel
  • Don’t make hasty changes
  • Don’t make important plans for the future
  • Don’t rush into things
  • Don’t buy new technology gear or devices
  • Don’t start working on new ideas
  • Don’t sign contracts

Generally, Mercury retrograde is the best time for slowing down and reflecting. It’s like studying at school – you learn a lot throughout the term, then you slow down & review what you’ve learnt before moving forward again.

Maybe there’s projects you started but didn’t finish – Mercury retrograde can be a good time to visit those projects.

Maybe you’ve got journals filled with ideas that you haven’t acted on yet – this could be an opportunity to review & refine those ideas.

Take it slow, backup your devices, and don’t text your ex. You’ll survive this Mercury retrograde!

If you need help navigating this challenging time, I’m here for you! Book in a reading with me and let’s chat about what this Mercury retrograde is stirring up for you. By looking at your astrology chart, I can tell you about your career, future destiny, or whatever else is on your mind.

Comment below and let me know: Have you experienced any Mercury rx effects yet? What are your tips for surviving Mercury retrograde?