Even if your biz has NOTHING to do with astrology, you can still use these tips for your marketing, branding & more! Discover how to use astrology to improve how you run your business.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to plan your business with astrology
  • The best times for starting new projects, launching or taking time off
  • Practical ways to use astrology in your business


 Today I’m sharing 8 different ways you can use astrology in your business. Even if your business has nothing to do with astrology or spirituality, you can still absolutely use astrology behind-the-scenes to improve your marketing, branding & other aspects of your business.

Astrology is a tool to read ENERGY, so by tuning into this energy, you can create more flow with your business…

1. Days of the week

The days of the week are all ruled by a different planet, so by tuning into the energy of each day you can choose which business activities are best for each day. You know how some days just don’t seem to work for certain activities? It’s possibly because of the ENERGY of that particular day.

SUNDAY: ruled by the Sun, Sundays are the best day for enjoying life & letting your light shine bright. Do what brings you joy!

MONDAY: ruled by the Moon, Mondays are best for planning, using your intuition, and feeling your way into your week.

TUESDAY: ruled by Mars, Tuesdays are highly productive days. We often feel more motivated & energized on Tuesdays, so jump in and DO THE WORK on Tuesdays.

WEDNESDAY: ruled by Mercury, Wednesdays are best for communication activities, such as writing newsletters, blog posts, recording podcasts, scheduling social media posts, or anything else that requires strong communication skills.

THURSDAY: ruled by Jupiter, Thursdays are best for doing the business activities that bring you the most joy. What do you LOVE doing in your business? Plan to do those joyful activities on Thursdays.

FRIDAY: ruled by Venus, Fridays are best for checking in with your finances.

SATURDAY: ruled by Saturn, Saturdays can provide self-discipline to do boring chores or challenging work.


2. Lunar cycle

You can align your business with the lunar cycle to structure your months. I wrote an entire book about the moon cycle if you want to know more details, but this is the short version:

NEW MOON: start on new ideas & new projects

WAXING MOON: work on those new ideas & projects, getting them ready for launch.

FULL MOON: launch your project out to the world!

WANING MOON: review & reflect on what’s working well (or what’s NOT working) in your business.

    3. Sun seasons

    The sun seasons refer to when the sun is in each zodiac sign (for example, Capricorn season is from 21st December – 20th January). Tuning into the energy of each sun season can help you understand what the collective will be focusing on, so you can market your offerings accordingly.

    For example, Capricorn season is when we all tend to be focusing on our long-term goals, so marketing your offerings in a way that helps people align with their long-term goals can be highly successful during this time.

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     4. Branding

    Did you know you can create an astrology natal chart for your business? Yes, it’s true! A business natal chart can be super helpful for creating your branding, in a way that truly captures & enhances the essence of your business. 


    5. Moon void-of-course

    By knowing when the moon is void-of-course, you can block those times off your schedule. I follow this pretty religiously in my own business, as I know when the moon is void-of-course that I’ll likely be less productive, clients won’t show up, or things just won’t go to plan.

    I block these times off from my calendar so I’m not seeing clients, and I avoid working on important projects during this time.

    Following this rule has helped me find more work/life balance, which has been AMAZING! I’ll often just go for a walk in nature, play a game, do something fun with the kids, or just chillax and watch Netflix or something.

      6. Schedule your yearly vacation

      There’s a time each year when we naturally tend to take time off from our work, which is when the sun is moving through our 12th house on our natal chart. When we DON’T take that time off, we tend to get sick and the Universe FORCES us to take time off anyway. So knowing when the sun is moving through your 12th house can help you schedule in the best time to take a lengthy vacation from your work.

      7. Determine your best-suited offerings

      Have you noticed that some people are natural leaders, others are best working with clients one-on-one, while others do best when working with groups? Your natal chart can tell you a lot about what type of offerings are best suited to you. If something in your business isn’t working for you, your natal chart can point you towards a more suited way to run your business.

      8. Hiring

      Astrology is a super helpful tool when you’re considering hiring or adding members to your team. You can use astrology to find people who naturally have the right strengths you’re looking for, or to find out if the potential employee will be compatible with you/other team members.

      When I hired a VA last year, I asked applicants to include their birth details so I could check out their natal chart. I found this process SO helpful when considering who to employ! Astrology charts often reveal more than a resume.

      If you’re ready to uplevel your business in 2022 with the power of astrology, let’s chat. I’d love to help you grow your business! Book your FREE Soul Aligned Strategy Session below.

      Comment below and let me know: do you use astrology in your business? Have you tried any of these methods?