When you feel stuck, try these tips to find clarity on your next move. In this episode, I share tips on how to use astrology & tarot to help you overcome indecision.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to find clarity when you feel indecisive
  • How to find a spiritual perspective when faced with decisions
  • How I use astrology & tarot to overcome indecision


The most common thing that my clients come to me for is INDECISION. Whether it’s about career, love or something else, the underlying driver to book a reading is indecision. So, here’s some tips to help you overcome indecision the next time you need more clarity…

Find out WHY

Often we can feel resistance towards making a decision or committing to a path, so it’s important to dig deep and find out WHY. What’s really holding you back? Once you can identify what’s really going on, under the surface, it becomes easier to make a decision and move forward.

After you’ve identified WHY you feel blocked or why you can’t make a decision, one of my favourite tools to overcome this is tapping (also known as EFT – emotional freedom technique). You can look on Youtube for specific tapping tutorials.


Trust your path

This decision is just ONE part of your path. The decisions we make now shape our future. Sometimes we worry about committing to the “wrong thing”, so our indecision holds us back from that committment.

However, committing to a decision doesn’t have to be scary!

What you decide today, you can always change later.

What you decide today can lead to bigger & better opportunities in the future.

Your decisions today may prepare you for future decisions.

So, trust your path. You’re at this place NOW for a reason. 

    Look at your natal chart

    Your natal astrology chart reveals a lot about your life path & what you’re here to do in this lifetime. When we feel like we’ve gone off the right path, checking in with our natal chart can help us course-correct. 

    Of particular importance, I like to check in with:

    • North Node of Future Destiny – this indicates where we need to step out of our comfort zones & grow during this life
    • Jupiter – this indicates what brings us the most joy, luck & abundance
    • Sun – this indicates how we authentically shine to our highest potential
    • Moon – this indicates what makes us feel good

     Consult your tarot cards, horoscope or runes

    You’ll often find an answer when you look for one! Ask your cards or runes a yes/no question for an easy answer.

    And sometimes the tarot or stars give you an answer you don’t like, which prompts you to go with your instincts. When this happens, it often shows us that we already had the answer inside us all along.


    Still feeling indecisive? Need some confirmation that you’re following the right path?

    Let’s chat! Book a tarot & astrology reading so you can find answers with clarity.

    Comment below and let me know: what tools do you use to overcome indecision?