Astrology students, this episode is for you! Maybe you’ve been studying astrology for a while, but you don’t know how to start offering your astrology services. This episode will help you get started so you can make money by doing what you love ? plus, I share a case study of one of my Herbal Moon Goddess Academy students!

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Three steps towards launching your astrology business
  • Inspiration for different astrology-related offerings you could provide
  • A case study of how one of my students is making money through her astrology offerings


Today I’m sharing 3 steps to launching your astrology business. Whether you’re an astrology student just starting out offering your astro services, or maybe you’re an experienced astrologer looking for new ways to share your wisdom, these tips will help you make more money by doing what you love (which, if you’re here, is probably reading the stars ✨).

1. Find your niche

No matter which industry you’re in, niching can help you find more success! When I talk about “finding your niche”, I mean finding a particular area of interest. So in astrology, you could consider niching in:

  • Business astrology
  • Career astrology
  • Health astrology
  • Fashion astrology
  • Love & relationships astrology
  • Or anything else that you’re interested in!

The key thing to remember is: when you’re talking to everybody, nobody is listening.

Finding your niche allows you to dive deep into what your ideal clients are needing from astrology. So if you want to work in business astrology, your ideal clients could be entrepreneurs, so you’d direct your marketing to what entrepreneurs & business owners are needing right now. 

I know it can feel really scary to narrow down into a niche. It can feel like you’re turning away potential customers.

But here’s the thing: when you narrow down into a niche, you’ll naturally & easily attract MORE of your ideal clients.

You don’t need to please EVERYONE. Just focus on the people you want to serve (your ideal clients).


2. Find your strengths

So once you know WHO you want to work with (ie. your niche) it’s important to understand your strengths so you can best serve your ideal clients.

As an astrology, it would be a great idea to check out your own natal chart for these insights!

Something that I love to look at in natal charts for this purpose is the HOUSES.

If you have a number of planets in your 3rd house, this could indicate that your strength is sharing information. This could take the form of blogging, connecting with others online or IRL, or utilizing social media. You may prefer to create written reports or do live readings online. You could also create a membership or subscription service where you connect in private groups or send regular emails.

If you have planets in your 7th house, this could indicate that your strength is working with clients in 1:1 settings. You probably prefer to work with clients individually, in person or online. You could offer readings where you connect on Zoom or in person for 30 or 60 minutes.

If you have planets in your 9th house, this could indicate that your strength is educating others. You could write a book, create a course, or some other form of educational content where you teach others how to read their OWN natal charts.

If you have planets in your 11th house, this could indicate that your strength is working in group settings. You may like to create group programs where you guide a group of people through a process, course, or conduct readings. You could also consider holding workshops or offering astrology readings to groups.

Of course, there’s many other ways (astrological or non-woo woo) to find your strengths! Do what feels best for YOU, and feel free to think outside of the box.

    3. Create your aligned offerings

    So now that you’ve found your niche and your strengths, it’s time to create your offerings.

    A trap that I see other astrologers fall into is offering the same services. I think offering natal chart readings is a great place to start, but there’s so much more potential for creating unique astrology offerings!

    How can you use your niche & strengths to create something that’s unique & soul-aligned?

    The answer to that question ^^ is where the gold is.

    By the way, I go in depth with all of these methods I’m sharing in this blog post in my Soul Aligned Business Mastermind & Coaching. If you’re interested in going deeper, let’s chat. Click here to book a FREE 15 minute Soul Aligned Strategy Session so we can talk about your business!

     Case study

    One of my students in the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy has taken a few of my courses and is now making actual money by offering her astrology services! So I want to share with you this successful case study.

    This student joined the HMG Academy about 4 months ago. She’s studied the Astrology Beginner’s Course & Astrology Forecasting Course (plus some other non-astro courses – there’s HEAPS to choose from inside the HMG Academy!). Just from those two astrology courses, she’s found the confident to start offering her own astrology readings.

    She has offered:

    • Mercury retrograde readings
    • Natal chart readings

    And so far has made almost $400 from her readings!

    To put that in perspective, it’s only AU$66/month to join the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy, where I give you the tools to learn how to read astrology & tarot AND start making money by offering these as professional services.

    If you’re ready to launch or grow your astrology business, let’s chat. I’d love to help you make money by offering your astrology services! Book your FREE Soul Aligned Strategy Session below.

    Comment below and let me know: are you an astrologer? What readings or services do you offer? I’d love to know how you’re offering astrology in your business!