Wondering how to plan your next launch in your biz? Here’s how to use the MOON to guide your launches!

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the lunar cycle to plan your launches
  • The best time of the lunar cycle to launch your offerings
  • A simple launch strategy that you can rinse-and-repeat

Want a workbook to guide you through the Lunar Cycle Launch Plan?

Using the lunar cycle to guide your biz launches can help you:

  • Create a regular routine of launching (and making money!)
  • Discover the best times for launching your offerings
  • Feel inspired with fresh ideas each month
  • Work with the cosmos to find flow in your biz
  • Tune into the collective energy so your messaging feels on-point

New moon

The lunar cycle starts on the new moon. As you might guess, the new moon is the perfect time for starting new projects!

In your business, this is a great time for coming up with new ideas that you’d like to launch this lunar cycle. What could you prepare over the next 2 weeks to launch on the full moon?

Meditate to find inspiration. Brainstorm. Journal your ideas. Receive Divine downloads from the Universe. 

Set your intentions for what you’d like to launch this moon cycle.

Waxing crescent moon

As the waxing crescent moon emerges in the sky, we can start to plan & prepare this new project. Take these few days to do any necessary research, planning, strategizing or preparation work.

This isn’t the time to charge in and start working on that new project – it’s best to start slow by refining your idea & making sure you have the necessary groundwork in place BEFORE you begin.

First quarter moon

About a week after the new moon, the first quarter moon signifies the shift from planning to TAKING ACTION. Jump in and do the work to make your goals manifest! What action steps do you need to take NOW to ensure you have a successful launch?

This could involve setting up sales pages, running a pre-launch warmup (like a live challenge, webinar, Q&A or creating opt-in freebies) or working on the content for the actual product/service you’ll be launching.

Don’t be afraid of hard work! Now is when you need to roll up your sleeves and DO THE THINGS that will help you succeed.

Waxing gibbous moon

As the moon comes closer to fullness, you’ll continue to feel energized towards working on your goals & launch. If obstacles come up during this time, PUSH THROUGH THEM. You’ve got this!

Resistance, procrastination or challenges may make you feel discouraged, but this isn’t the time for giving up. Keep believing in your goals & dreams!

Full moon

When the moon is full, it’s time to launch! 

Hit “publish” on your sales page.

Open the cart.

Send a newsletter to tell your peeps about your launch.

Post about it on social media.

Get ready to receive the rewards from your hard work during the first half of this lunar cycle!

Waning gibbous moon

As the moon begins to wane, it’s time to share your launch with the world. Tell anyone & everyone about it.

Tip: for every 100 people you tell, generally you’ll get 1-10 purchases!

As you share your launch, you may receive feedback from others. Adjust & refine your offering accordingly. This is a good time for making improvements based on other’s input.

Last quarter moon

Now is a good time for wrapping up your launch. Close your sales page, and review your launch. What worked & what didn’t work well? Analyze the data from your launch and figure out what you can improve for your next launch.

Waning crescent moon

As the lunar cycle comes to an end, it’s an ideal time for resting & recharging so you can start the new moon cycle feeling refreshed. Take time out from your work, focus on self-care & healing practices & let go of anything that you don’t want to bring with you into the next cycle.

And then – rinse & repeat this method when the new moon cycle begins again!

Following this method will help you find consistency with your launches, which in turn will help you consistently make money. Launching is one of the BEST income producing activities – launches generally tend to be more profitable than just having evergreen products available year-round.

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Comment below and let me know: have you used the lunar cycle to launch your offerings? Share how you use the moon to guide your business!