Join me for a new moon ritual! I’ll guide you through the process I use each new moon to set my intentions for the cycle ahead, including a short meditation, journaling & tarot reading.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what I do in my new moon rituals
  • Why I’ve been doing these rituals for 7+ years
  • How to set your intentions for the new moon cycle

New moon rituals changed my life.


About 6 or 7 years ago, I started doing these new moon rituals, and something shifted inside of me. I awakened to my inner power, and I realized that I can actually manifest the stuff I want in my life, instead of just accepting what was handed to me.

New moon rituals became the core of why I started my business, Herbal Moon Goddess.

So in today’s episode, I’m sharing exactly what I include in my rituals, so you can replicate this process and find your OWN manifesting power!

But first up – do you even know when the next new moon is? If not, I highly advise you download my FREE Moon Manifesting Calendar! Click here to get your copy.

Now, on to our new moon ritual…



In this episode, I guide you through a short meditation. Meditation is a powerful addition to your new moon rituals as it enables you to connect to your Higher Self (or to Spirit, the Universe, God, or whatever you’d like to call it). I love to meditate before setting my intentions for the new moon so I can find clarity.

I’ve also got a bunch of new moon meditations available on Insight Timer to guide you through setting your intentions. Click here to browse my library of free meditations.


Essential Oils

In the episode, I share the New Moon Roller I’ve been using for the past few new moons! It’s so fun to include some plant magick into these new moon rituals to raise your vibe, find clarity, and tap into the powers of the plants. Usually I apply this roller BEFORE meditation (but I totally forgot in the episode OOPS!). It can also be fun to diffuse an intentional essential oil blend throughout your ritual.

By the way, you can get 10% off storewide at Flinders Essential with code KYRA10. I’m in LOVE with the New & Full Moon Rollers!



You can bring a crystal with you to your new moon ritual. You may like to select a crystal which matches your intentions, or just whichever crystal feels intuitively right for you. You can meditate with your crystal, charge your crystal with your intentions for the new moon, or just have it nearby while you complete your ritual.



I have been really enjoying using my 2022 Moon Manifesting Planner each new & full moon! Inside you’ll find a page for journaling & tarot reading each new & full moon, helping you tune into the energy of that particular new/full moon. 

Some basic journal prompts for new moon rituals include:

  • What would you like to create or manifest over the next 6 months?
  • What are your intentions for this new moon?

A little note about intentions vs goals: intentions are how you want to FEEL, whereas goals are more tangible. So your intentions could be “I want to feel abundant”, rather than “I want to manifest $10,000”. Tap into the FEELING you want to manifest!

I also use my book Moon Manifesting as a guide for tuning into the energy for each new moon. For example, the energy of the new moon in Pisces is very different from the energy of the new moon in Aries! Understanding these differences can help you set more effective intentions.



I love using my tarot or oracle cards to channel a message from Spirit during the new moon. This spiritual guidance can confirm that I’m on the right path with my intentions for the moon cycle, or provide me with something else I need to consider.

In this episode, I’ve pulled a card to share with you all, so if you feel called to tune into that message, please listen to the video/audio for this episode 🙂


Want to learn how to harness the energy of EVERY moon phase through each zodiac sign? I wrote an entire book about how to decode the energy of the moon to help you transform your life & manifest your goals.

Comment below and let me know: what do you include in your new moon rituals? What intentions are you setting for this new moon cycle?