Your business has it’s own unique energy, and you can understand this energy by reading your business natal chart. In this episode, I’ll guide you through creating a natal chart for your business & interpreting some key areas so you can create soul-aligned branding, marketing & offerings.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a natal chart for your business
  • What the houses mean on a business chart
  • How to implement the energy of your chart into your business

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I feel like most spiritual people know about creating a natal astrology chart, but not many people realise you can actually create an astrology chart for businesses (or other things, like events).

Business charts are an AMAZING tool for understanding the energy of your business.

Your business natal chart can help you understand things like:

  • Branding
  • Marketing style
  • Ideal clients
  • The purpose of your business
  • And so much more!

Bringing your business into alignment with the ENERGY of your business can help you find more alignment and flow with sales, clients, and positive opportunities for your business. So today, you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to read the energy of your business…

    Create your business chart

    So, how do you make a natal chart for your business? For natal charts for people, you usually create a chart using the exact time, date and location of birth. For business charts, it can be a bit harder to nail down that exact “birth time”!

    Usually we contemplate our business idea for some time before physically taking action to bring that idea into reality. We need to narrow down that EXACT time that we took physical action towards “birthing” our business.

    Some suggestions for finding the birth time for your business:

    • When you purchased your domain name
    • When you signed a lease
    • When you had your first paying customer
    • When you created a social media account for your business
    • When you created an email address for your business

    Find that FIRST moment that symbolizes the birth for your business. You may find it helpful to search your email inbox for a clue!

    A little note about the business birth location: the location refers to where YOU were when you “birthed” your business.

    Once you’ve found that exact time, date & location of birth for your business, you’ll need to enter that into your favourite astrology chart generator. I prefer to use Provided you’ve entered the information correctly, you’ll now have your business chart!


    Business houses

    If you have some experience with reading astrology charts, you may be familiar with the houses.

    On an astrology chart, there are 12 houses, which help us decode which area of our lives is affected by the planetary movements & zodiac signs.

    Planet = what energy is being expressed

    Zodiac sign = what “flavour” energy

    House = where that energy is being expressed

    When interpreting a business chart, the 12 houses have a slightly different interpretation than if you were interpreting a natal chart. I’ll go through these interpretations of the business charts below.

    As you move through these 12 houses on your business chart, also look at which zodiac sign(s) are in each house, as well as any planets that may be in each house.

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    1st House

    The 1st house describes your business branding & appearance. The zodiac signs in the first house can help you decode which colours, fonts or styles best suit your business.

    2nd House

    The 2nd house describes your business finances, resources & assets. This can be to do with how you manage your money or resources in your business, or the assets that your business has at it’s disposal.

    3rd House

    The 3rd house describes your business marketing & how your business communicates. Leaning into the energy of your 3rd house can help you more effectively market your business.

    A lot of planets in the 3rd house can indicate a local business rather than a global business.

    4th House

    The 4th house describes your business financial security. This can refer to consistent streams of income such as memberships, subscriptions or payment plans where there’s a constant drip of income flowing in.

    5th House

    The 5th house describes creativity, fun and play. A concentration of planets in the 5th house can indicate that your business thrives on creativity or lighthearted-fun.

    6th House

    The 6th house describes the physical work your business is here to do. Exploring the zodiac signs & planets in the 6th house on your business chart can help you understand the physical work that is performed by your business.

    7th House

    The 7th house describes the energy of your ideal clients. A concentration of planets in the 7th house on the business chart can indicate that your business works best when working with clients in 1:1 situations, or a partnership structure of the business.

    8th House

    The 8th house describes how you make money & how you do business. How you transform other people’s money into YOUR money. Looking at the zodiac signs in the 8th house can help you understand how you can make more money in your business. The energy in the 8th house can also indicate the fears and insecurities that may pop up in your business, and what blocks could create stagnancy in your business.

    9th House

    The 9th house describes how you educate others through your business. A concentration of planets in the 9th house could indicate that your business is here to educate others, perhaps through books, online courses, workshops, or becoming an educational institute.

    A concentration of planets in the 9th house can also indicate a global business.

    10th House

    The 10th house describes the impact your business is here to create in the world. What is it that your business is really here to do, what is the higher calling of your business? The zodiac signs and planets in the 10th house can indicate the energy of what your business is here to do to create an impact in other people’s lives.

    A concentration of planets in the 10th house can indicate fame & publicity.

    11th House

    The 11th house describes how your business connects with the community, as well as working within teams or groups in your business. If you have a concentration of planets in the 11th house, this can indicate that your business is best suited to working with clients in group settings like workshops, group programs or class, or other ways that you can work with many people at the same time. The energy is the 11th house on your business chart can also indicate how your business contributes to the community.

    12th House

    The 12th house describes rest & taking time off from business. A concentration of planets in the 12th house can indicate that your business is spiritual, works with the subconscious or hidden realms, or is focused on creating retreats for others to escape the business of their day-to-day lives.


    So, what about the planets? Here’s a quick guide to the energy of some planets in your business natal chart:


    The Sun in the business chart describes the inner essence or the vibe of your business. Understanding the Sun sign on the business chart can help you find clarity on the energy of your business, and help you to see your business as a separate entity from yourself.

    Rising sign (Ascendant)

    The rising sign of your business chart, also known as the ascendant, is located at the very start of the 1st house. As we’ve already discussed, the 1st house is all to do with your business branding & appearance, so it’s no surprise that the rising sign is also indicative of your business’ appearance. The rising sign also indicates the role of your business, the work that your business is here to do. 


    Jupiter on the business astrology chart indicates where luck, abundance, prosperity, joy & growth naturally flow into your business. Leaning into the Jupiter energy on your business chart can help you find more of these qualities in your business! Pay attention to the house & zodiac sign that Jupiter is in, and try doing more business activities centred around that energy. This energy is really going to grow your business while bringing you more joy AND money.

    North Node

    The North Node of Future Destiny on the business chart describes how to step out of your comfort zone so you can grow. The North Node can present a challenge, as it asks us to do something we may not be comfortable doing, but by stepping out of our comfort zones we allow our business to grow. Lean into the North Node energy on your business chart to help your business grow to it’s full potential.

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     I hope this post was really helpful for you to learn how to read your business chart!

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