Do you have a high-vibe routine that fuels your success? Creating healthy habits can help you shift into a positive mindset, find clarity on your goals, and stay organized with your business & life. In this episode, I’ll show you how…

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to create your own high-vibe morning ritual
  • The habits you need to create your own success
  • How to boost your productivity

Want some FREE morning ritual pages to get you started?

When discussing daily success habits for spiritual entrepreneurs, there’s no better place to start than with your morning ritual!

Starting your mornings on the right foot can help you raise your vibe, find clarity & get organized for the day ahead.

How you start your day has a flow-on effect to the rest of your day.

I used to think I was a night-person and that I used to do my best work late at night, but since changing my life around and becoming a morning-person I’ve become SO MUCH MORE productive & clear on my goals.

So to get you started on your high-vibe morning rituals, I’ve created a FREE downloadable just for you! I made some printable morning ritual pages to inspire your mornings.

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Okay, so back to daily success habits for spiritual entrepreneurs…

Step 1: what do your mornings currently look like?

First up, notice what your mornings currently look like. What do you do when you first wake up?

Do you lay in bed scrolling Facebook & checking emails?

Do you stumble to the kitchen for a coffee before doing anything else?

Just notice what your current morning ritual looks like, and think about how it makes you feel.

Once we notice what doesn’t make us feel good, then we can work out what we need to transform about our mornings. Notice the things that bring your vibe down in the mornings (ie. scrolling on social media ?) – these are the things you should focus on weeding out of your morning rituals.


Step 2: add in high-vibe morning activities

Once you’ve weeded out the low-vibe morning activities, you’ve got a clean slate to work from. Now it’s time to craft a high-vibe morning ritual that will help you start the day feeling positive, clear-headed & focused!

My suggestions for high-vibe morning activities include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Diffusing essential oils

I always have the best days when I start my day with yoga, meditation & 30 minutes of exercise – it’s honestly better than a cup of coffee haha! I highly recommend adding some movement into your mornings.

If you’re now thinking, “But Kyra, I don’t have time for that in the mornings!” then I’m going to tell you to wake up a bit earlier to fit this in to your morning routine. It will change your entire day, give you more energy, and it will make you feel AMAZING! Try it out and see how it feels for you.

Being mindful of what you consume in the mornings will also affect your vibes for the rest of the day. In particular, I’m talking about coffee. If you do drink coffee in the mornings, how does that make you feel? Notice how it affects you for the rest of the day. Is it really serving you if you get a boost of energy in the mornings, but then you get that afternoon slump & irritability? 

Alternatives to consider instead of coffee include:

  • Green tea
  • Fresh fruit & vegetable juice
  • Ceremonial cacao

Consider also what you’re eating for breakfast (or if you even eat breakfast at all!). Nourish your body to raise your vibes! You are literally what you eat, so be conscious about how you’re fuelling your body.

The main point here is to consider how your current morning routines are making you FEEL, and how you can make healthy swaps to create habits that make you feel better.

Step 3: find clarity for the day ahead

This is where those free morning ritual pages come in handy! You don’t necessarily need to follow these pages exactly – please feel free to pick and choose what works best for YOU. My morning ritual pages evolve throughout the year, but what I’m sharing here today is what my current morning journal practice looks like.

The idea with your morning ritual pages is to find clarity for the day ahead. I do this by checking in with the energies of the day through astrology & tarot so I can work WITH these energies, then I create a focused to-do list to keep me on-task throughout the day.

Moon phase & sign: checking in with the lunar energy for the day helps me understand what activities could be best for that day. If you’ve got no idea where to start, I highly recommend downloading my free Moon Manifesting Calendar which gives you the daily moon phase, zodiac sign & a prompt to help you work with that energy.

Void-of-course moon: checking in with the VOC moon times can help you plan your day to avoid working through times that won’t be as productive. When the moon is void-of-course, things often don’t go to plan, so it’s best to take time away from your work & focus on maintenance tasks, rest, or just getting some work/life balance. The moon goes void-of-course roughly every 2-3 days, sometimes for a few minutes but sometimes this time can last for over 24 hours! You can find out more about what the void-of-course moon is all about in this episode of the Herbal Moon Goddess Podcast.

Horoscope: I love to write out my own horoscope based on the collective & natal transits for the day ahead, but you can absolutely check in with your favourite astrology app for your horoscope.

Tarot/oracle card: pull a card for the day ahead for more guidance. I find that the cards often give some positive encouragement.

Gratitude: write a list of things you’re feeling grateful for. Be specific here about things that you’re feeling grateful for this morning, rather than general things. Gratitude is a powerful manifesting tool – when you go really specific into current things you’re feeling grateful for, it sends a clear message to the Universe that you want MORE of this.

Affirmation: create a positive affirmation to repeat throughout the day. You can use affirmation cards to choose an affirmation, or just make one up based on what you want to manifest for the day.

To-do list: try to keep your to-do list to under 10 items. If there’s too much on your to-do list, it can feel overwhelming and reduce your productivity, so less is often best. Pick out the most important things you need to do for the day. It can also be helpful to order your tasks by priority so you stay focused on doing the most important tasks FIRST before moving onto the other not-so-important tasks.


Step 4: tackle that to-do list!

There’s no time like the present! Once you’ve raised your vibes for the day and found clarity on what you need to do for the day ahead, just jump in and do it.

Honestly, I do majority of my work for my business in the mornings – often while I’m still in my pj’s!

While you’re in the high-vibe zone and focused on your tasks for the day, just jump in and tackle your tasks. Choose the most important task for the day, and DO IT. Don’t procrastinate – just do it.


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Comment below and let me know: what does your morning ritual currently look like? How do you raise your vibes in the mornings?