Are you tired of battling the algorithm just to get your posts seen on social media? Today I’m sharing how to grow your following WITHOUT doing stuff that feels unaligned with you. Discover how I grew my Instagram account to over 40,000 followers organically.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to stop playing the numbers game
  • My top tips for growing your social media
  • How to convert your followers into paying customers

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Stop playing the “numbers game”

First up, let’s chat about the “numbers game”. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of stressing out over the numbers – your followers, likes, subscribers, reach, views, or whatever number your tracking.

I was a bit obsessed with my “numbers” for a long time. But then I realised, the number of followers I have (or whatever other number) doesn’t need to affect my happiness.

More followers doesn’t necessarily equal more sales.

More followers doesn’t necessarily equal more popularity, happiness, or any other thing.

Focus on QUALITY over quantity. It’s way better to have 100 engaged & aligned followers, than to have 10,000 followers who aren’t the right fit for what you’re offering.


Quality over quantity

You might feel like you need to post on social media every single day, but then you get stuck for ideas. So you’re racking your brains for something to post, and it ends up being something low quality.

I was posting daily (even MULTIPLE times a day!) on my Instagram for years. Yes – consistency is AMAZING for growing your followers (and we’ll talk more about that shortly) but consistency doesn’t necessarily mean you need to post on social media daily.

Find your own flow that allows you to show up consistency, in your own rhythm, while still creating quality content.

An example of what I mean is @craftingwitch on Instagram. She has almost 500K followers, yet she’s currently only got 74 posts!

Yet her posts are very high quality. You can see she spends HOURS on each individual post.

Quality over quantity can make a huge difference to your social media plan.

This rule doesn’t just apply to your content, though. Quality over quantity also applies to your followers.

Create quality connections with your followers through engaging with people who are already engaging with your content. If you see someone follow you or comment on your post with an interesting username, click here and see what they have to offer. You could comment on their posts or send them a message if it feels right — all with the aim of cultivating connections.

Definitely don’t start DMing everyone who follows you! But a bit of extra effort to deepen connections with your followers can leading to lasting friendships. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made over the years through social media! These friendships are invaluable.

Your content strategy

Something that I’ve learned on my journey to attracting over 40,000 followers on Instagram is to share content that is either relatable or sharable.

Sharable content that has the potential to go viral was the basis of my initial content strategy when I started my Instagram account. I was reposting popular content (with full credit to the original account) as well as creating my own content with the aim of “going viral”.

This worked for me, although I probably wouldn’t follow this strategy if I were to start my account all over again. However, this is what I did back in the beginning!

Reels work on a similar level, as they have a high potential for going viral & expanding your reach. While reels are AMAZING for reaching lots of accounts, they may not be great for generating new followers or even sales.

Relatable content helps to build more trust with your brand. Share those messy photos of yourself, your home, or whatever is relevant to your business. People relate more to those messy & ugly photos, and it helps to show that you’re a “real person”.

When you show up with authenticity & vulnerability, this can be more powerful than sharing “picture perfect” posts.



So I already talked a bit about consistency, but it really is important! Whether it’s for your Instagram, email list, or whatever other platform you’re using – consistency will help you grow.

I was using some different platforms that had good traction because I was showing up regularly, but once I lost interest and stopped showing up then I stopped gaining new followers.

If you’re not posting/emailing regularly, people may forget why they subscribed to you in the first place, so consistency helps you build a relationship with your followers while they’re interested in what you have to offer. 

Take the next step

So you’re growing your Instagram account (or other social media) but how do you convert those followers into paying clients & customers?

The key here is to get your followers to take the next step on your “ladder”. The logical thing here is to create a free opt-in offer that entices your followers to sign up to your email list.

If you don’t already have an email list, you really NEED to start growing your list now. I have a friend who recently had her personal Facebook account hacked. She lost access to her business Facebook page, which is where she generated majority of her sales. When she lost access to her business Facebook, she lost sales.

If she had an email list, she would have been able to still generate sales despite losing her Facebook page.

Your email list is where the money is! You can create sales much more easily through your email list than social media.

So, create an opt-in offer so you can start growing your email list!

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