Did you know you can use astrology as guide for marketing your business? In this episode, I share how you can create a marketing plan based on your strengths & unique gifts!

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to use your astrology chart as your marketing guide
  • How to use collective transits to tune into the current energy of your wider audience
  • Using the sun seasons as a basic monthly marketing strategy

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Astrology and marketing

Did you know that your natal chart provides clues about your natural marketing gifts? Yep, it’s true! There’s a lot you can learn about your easiest communication methods just from reading your astrology chart.

Understanding how you best communicate & express yourself will help you discover how you can best market your business.

Not everyone was made for creating TikToks or podcasting!

Usually, if you stick to what you’re naturally best at, you’ll have far more success than trying to master something that doesn’t come naturally.

So – let’s discover your natural communication skills!

First up you’ll need your natal chart. If you’ve never created a natal chart for yourself before, it’s easy! Just go to astro.com and follow the prompts to create your own chart. You’ll need an accurate birth time for your chart to be accurate.

3rd House: how you communicate

The 3rd house on the natal chart explains how we naturally communicate. The zodiac signs & planets in the 3rd house provide clues to our natural communication style.

The zodiac signs explain the “flavour” of energy, and the planets give further insights to what energy is expressed through our communication.

Got no idea how to interpret your 3rd house? Download this cheatsheet!

Mercury: the ruler of communication

Mercury is the planet of communication, so finding Mercury on your natal chart can also give further clues to how you naturally express yourself the best.

Look for the house & zodiac sign that Mercury falls in on your chart.

You can also look at the aspects other planets are making to Mercury on your chart for deeper insights.

Collective transits

Looking at the collective transits can help you understand how your audience is feeling, so by tuning into this energy you could effective market your offerings.

Mars, the planet of motivation, currently in Aquarius could suggest that we’re all feeling motivated to be unique right now.

Mercury, which rules our thoughts, is currently in Aries, so we’re all thinking ambitiously & contemplating new beginnings.

If you’re stuck on how to market your products, checking in with the planets can help fuel your inspiration & get you connected to the Universal energy!

Sun season promotions

Using the sun seasons to guide your promotions is an easy marketing method using astrology. As the sun moves into each zodiac sign for about 4 weeks, this creates a simple monthly strategy.

For example. when the sun is in Gemini, this could be a great time for getting out & about at social events to market your business. This can also be a good time for promoting offerings which include connection with like-minded people or learning new skills.

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Comment below and let me know: what zodiac signs are in your 3rd house? Where’s Mercury on your chart? What have you learnt from this episode about your natural marketing style?