Astrology is so much MORE than reading your natal chart & horoscopes. Discover FIVE different ways you can use astrology in your life in this episode.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Different ways you can use astrology in your life
  • Surprising ways I’ve used astrology personally
  • How I’ve applied astrology in my family & business

1. Discover your strengths

Soooo I know reading your natal chart is a pretty cool thing you can do with astrology, but sometimes it’s like “Oh my Pluto means this, and my Neptune means this blah blah blah”. It can get pretty confusing and long-winded.

Something I like to do when looking at someone’s natal chart is hone in on their strengths (aka superpowers!).

One method I use to find your superpowers on your natal chart is by looking for stelliums.

A stellium is a group of 3 or more planets either in the same zodiac sign, or same astrological house.

This combination of planets concentrates the energy of that zodiac sign or house, creating a superpower! This area is often what you are naturally gifted or talented at, or what you’re naturally drawn to.

2. Compatibility

Did you know you can use astrology to understand the compatibility between two people?

Whether it’s for romantic relationships, friendships, or work colleagues, astrological compatibility is a highly useful tool for understanding the dynamics of relationships.

I’ve used astrological compatibility to:

  • Understand my relationship with my husband on a deeper level
  • Understand the dynamics of my family (with me, my husband AND our four kids, there’s a LOT of different personalities in our household – but astrology helps me understand how we all connect with each other)
  • Determine suitability when employing/contracting people in my business

It’s a fascinating tool, and once you understand how astrological compatibility works, then it really starts to make sense about why you get along with certain people in your life (and why others just don’t gel with you!).

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3. Forecasting

Perhaps one of my FAVOURITE things about astrology is that you can use it to make ACCURATE forecasts for the future.

Life is cyclical. We consistently revolve around the Sun. The moon consistently revolves around the Earth. The planets are consistently revolving at their own pace around the Sun, too.

Even if you don’t believe that the planetary positions can have any affect on us here on Earth, you must agree that we CAN use the planetary positions to mark cycles.

For example, one trip around the sun is 1 year.

As the sun moves through the seasons, there are predictable things occuring here on Earth. Cold seasons, warm seasons. Times when we feel like being more social, times when we all want to hiberate a little.

Forecasting with astrology is by far the most accurate divination method I have ever tried. 

4. Find a suitable location

Did you know that you can use astrology to plan your next move or vacation?

Creating an astrocartography chart overlays the position of your natal planets onto a map, so you can determine how different locations may feel a certain way for you.

For example, being somewhere near your Jupiter line can be really lucky, positive & beneficial! On the other hand, stay clear of your Saturn line unless you want to work hard & be challenged.

I’ve used astrocartography for planning family vacations. I create a big chart with our 6 family members to determine where will be an ideal place for all of the family to go on vacation. Looking at this chart in retrospect has also helped explain why certain family members have not enjoyed some of our past vacations!

You don’t necessarily need to visit or live in a certain location indicated by your astrocartography chart. Simply connecting with that region or culture can be so helpful to channel that astrological energy into your life.

For example, if you want to feel more authentic, look for places along your Sun line. You could eat food that originated from that region, or buy interior decorations or clothing from that area.

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5. Find your calling

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you can use astrology to understand exactly WHAT you’re here to do in this lifetime.

I feel like the pandemic has created many shifts for us. I’ve been talking to lots of people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but it seems to be a blessing in disguise because they are now able to follow their true calling.

If you’re feeling confused about exactly what you’re here to do, your astrology natal chart can guide you.

Look at your MC line (also known as the Midheaven) – this point on your chart helps you understand the energy you’re aspiring too. Any planets in conjunction with your MC can give you further clues.

Your rising sign (aka ascendant) can also help you understand the role you’re here to play in this lifetime.

There’s been times when I’ve felt lost in regards to what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, but after getting to know my natal chart & what it means, I’ve found so much clarity on what I’m here to do.


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