Ever wondered how to read your natal chart? Today you’re going to learn the basics of reading astrology – let’s explore how to read your chart!

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • The basics of reading your natal astrology chart
  • How to bring up your astrology chart for free
  • How to look for specific information on your chart

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How to create your natal chart

You’re going to need your exact time, date & location of birth to create an accurate natal chart.

If you don’t know your exact time of birth, you have a few options:

  • ask your parents or grandparents, or other people who might know
  • contact the hospital you were born at
  • find an astrology who offers chart rectification
  • or, just use your intuition & take a guess!

 Just be aware that if you don’t actually know the exact time of birth, then there could be various inaccuracies on your chart, including your ascendant (rising sign), moon sign, and houses.

So, once you have the information you need, find a website that creates free natal charts. I often recommend astro.com. Enter your birth information to draw up your natal chart.


Sun sign on your natal chart


One of the first things you can look at on your chart is your sun sign. You probably already know your sun sign & have a bit of an idea about what it means for you. 

However, you can find more information about your sun sign by looking at which astrological house your sun is in.

The houses explain which area of our life the energy is showing up.

So which house your sun is in will symbolises which area of your life really lights you up & makes you feel authentic.

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The astrological houses

Here is what the astrological houses mean:

1ST HOUSE: identity & appearance

2ND HOUSE: values, desires & manifesting goals

3RD HOUSE: communication & connection

4TH HOUSE: family, home & personal life

5TH HOUSE: leisure, pleasure & creativity

6TH HOUSE: health, routines & physical work

7TH HOUSE: support & relationships

8TH HOUSE: shadow work, business & making money

9TH HOUSE: education, exploration & finding a deeper meaning

10TH HOUSE: career & legacy

11TH HOUSE: community & friendships

12TH HOUSE: spirituality & rest

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Your moon sign on your natal chart

I like to think of our sun & moon signs like this:

Our sun sign is the energy of who we are learning to become in this life time.

Our moon sign is the energy of who we already are.

I feel our moon sign is equally important as our sun sign, as it can tell us A LOT about who we are. The moon on the natal chart symbolizes what we need to feel emotionally secure. It’s about our feelings, emotions, intuition, and can also tell us what we need in our relationships.

Find the moon on your natal chart. What zodiac sign is it in? Which house? This will help you understand more about who you are & what you need.


Planets on your natal chart

Of course, when you read your natal chart, you realize there is so much more than just your sun & moon signs! Let’s take a look at what the other planets symbolize on your natal chart.

  • Mercury = how you communicate
  • Venus = what you love & desire
  • Mars = what motivates you
  • Jupiter = what brings you growth, luck & abundance
  • Saturn = what challenges you
  • Uranus = how you rebel & what makes you unique
  • Neptune = your spiritual vision for the future
  • Pluto = what you’re here to transform

Look for which zodiac sign & house each planet falls in so you can understand exactly how that planetary energy is showing up in your life.


Looking for information on your natal chart

Once you know the basics of reading a natal chart, you can start to look for specific information on your chart.

Got questions about your love life? Or maybe you’re pondering your career path? Your chart can give you the answers – it’s just about knowing WHAT to look for!

If you’re wondering about relationships, look at the moon sign, Venus sign & 7th house. The moon tells us what we need to feel emotionally secure, Venus tells us what we love, and the 7th house is all about the energy of the type of person we naturally get along well with.

Questions about the career can often be answered by looking at the rising sign, MC & 10th house. Our rising sign, also known as ascendant, tells us about our role in life. The MC, or Midheaven, is the energy of what we aspire to be, so it’s often a good indicator of our ideal career path. The 10th house on the natal chart tells us about our career & legacy, so the zodiac signs & planets in the 10th house can often provide clues to our ideal career.


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Comment below and let me know: what are your tips for reading a natal chart? What have you learnt from your natal chart?