Yep, Mercury is about to go retrograde again! Here’s what to do (and what NOT to do) during Mercury retrograde May 2022.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • What exactly is Mercury retrograde
  • How to navigate this energy
  • What’s specifically coming up during May 2022

Mercury retrograde is about to begin, but don’t fear!

I feel like Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap, but it’s not all doom & gloom. I’ll break down how to navigate this energy in this post.

Mercury goes intro retrograde quite frequently – this astrological event occurs 3-4 times a year, lasting for approximately 3 weeks each time.

When Mercury is in retrograde, this little planet appears to be travelling backwards in our skies. This is actually just an optical illusion – it’s all due to the speeds that Earth & Mercury are travelling around the sun, and our perspective from here on Earth.

All the other planets go into retrograde too – in fact, the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) spend about HALF THE YEAR in retrograde! Retrograde movements are totally normal & regular happenings.

However, I feel that we experience the effects of Mercury retrograde more acutely as it does move through our sky faster than the other planets, thus igniting different energies on our charts.

What to expect during Mercury retrograde

In astrology, Mercury rules travel, technology, communication & intellect. So when Mercury goes into retrograde, ALL these things are often affected.

Travel plans go wrong.

Technology breaks.

Communication failures.

Brain fog.

Knowing in advance when Mercury retrograde is occurring can help us take appropriate precautions to reduce any negative effects. Before Mercury retrograde begins, ensure you backup your devices, get your technology or vehicles insured, plan ahead to allow for potential travel delays, or any thing else that will help you feel prepared for this energy.

Mercury retrograde in May 2022

In May 2022, Mercury retrograde begins Tuesday 10th May at 4° Gemini, travelling backwards through our skies until Friday 3rd June when Mercury will station direct at 26° Taurus.

BUT – there’s something called a retrograde shadow phase, which is where the planet begins to appear to slow down as it crosses into the degrees that will be affected by the retrograde movement.

For this Mercury retrograde, the shadow phase begins on 27th April and will linger until 19th June. This means that you’re likely to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde for a few weeks before AND after.

Mercury retrograde transits May 2022

If you want to know what’s coming up specifically for YOU during Mercury retrograde, I highly suggest taking a look at your natal chart and see if you have any planets between 26° Taurus and 4° Gemini. If you do, the energy of these natal planets will be ignited by this Mercury retrograde energy not once, but THREE times as Mercury cross over that exact degree before, during & after retrograde.

For me personally, my natal Mercury is at 0° Gemini. I’m feeling as though this Mercury retrograde won’t be kind to my communication skills, so I’ve been taking some time to batch record podcasts prior to Mercury retrograde beginning 😉

Here’s a few interesting mundane transits during Mercury retrograde May 2022:

  • 20th May: Mercury in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries
    This transit provides beneficial opportunities to review past ideas. Perhaps there was an opportunity you missed in the past, or something that slipped through the cracks. This is a second chance for a lucky opportunity!


  • 26th May: Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn
    This can be a positive opportunity to review your goals and make changes in your life so you can manifest those goals. Review any intentions or goals you’ve set for yourself during this year, and consider what needs to change so you can bring these goals into reality.

Mercury retrograde do’s and don’ts

Some things to do during Mercury retrograde May 2022:

  • Be patient with yourself & others
  • Meditate often
  • Slow down & move at a slower pace
  • Talk through your ideas
  • Take your time
  • Review your past ideas
  • Back it up!

And what not to do? Don’t do these:

  • Rush into new ideas
  • Feel like you need to manifest every idea you have
  • Send messages/emails without checking the recipient
  • Make any major decisions

Want to learn astrology?

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Comment below and let me know: are you feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde yet?