Eclipse season is stirring up all kinds of trouble! Are you feeling the potent energy? In this episode I unpack what energy to expect in May 2022 with the solar eclipse in Taurus and lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • What eclipses are
  • How to harness the energy of eclipses
  • What is coming up for eclipse season in May 2022

Eclipses are intensely powerful portals of energy. Knowing how to harness this energy can allow you to create transformative and positive change in your life!


What are eclipses?

Eclipses may seem rare but they actually happen quite regularly. We have between 4-6 eclipses per year. Depending on where you are in the world, you may not always be able to see them take place but you can always harness the energy of the eclipse.


When an eclipse occurs, the moon crosses the path of the sun, known as the ecliptic.


Twice a year there is a window that lasts about 35 days where the possibility for an eclipse exists. How many eclipses depends on how many new or full moons occur within that window. Depending on the timing of the new or full moon, we can have 2 to 3 eclipses per season.


Eclipses are heavily tied to the lunar nodes.

  • North node = future destiny
  • South node = past karma

This brings a lot of karmic energy along with eclipses and allows for a very powerful time to break free from past karma so you can move towards your destiny.


How to harness the energy of eclipses

Keep in mind the energy behind each type of eclipse:

  • Solar eclipses/new moons = really powerful time for setting intentions and creating new beginnings
  • Lunar eclipse/full moons = ideal for releasing past karma and everything that has been holding you back, making room to step into a higher version of yourself


Look at the timing of when the eclipse is occurring. If you can’t work with the eclipse energy during the exact window it is taking place, it is perfectly fine to harness the energy a day or two before or after it occurs instead.


Create a sacred space. You could light candles, use a smudging stick or essential oils, and pick out whatever magical tools you are feeling drawn to such as a tarot deck, journal, or crystals. Trust your intuition to create a space that feels right for you.


Sink into the energy of what is coming up. Bring that energy to your awareness and then shift the energy by releasing it however you choose. For example, with the upcoming lunar eclipse in Scorpio you may want to take a look at your fears, energy blocks, or self-sabotaging behaviors. Then use a smudging stick or moving your body through yoga or dance to release this energy.

My personal eclipse rituals are broken down into two distinct parts:

1. Bringing AWARENESS to what I want to shift

2. Then actively SHIFTING that energy


What to expect in eclipse season May 2022

Throughout this year, the North Node is in Taurus and the South Node is in Scorpio, so we will be seeing eclipses reflecting this energy.

  • Taurus = manifestation, physical goals, tangible things such as money and possessions, beauty
  • Scorpio = intangible, subconscious, imagination, intuition, fears


The theme for this eclipse season is releasing what is holding us back so we can manifest what we want in the material world. This is accomplished by finding a balance between manifesting tangible goals while breaking away from energy blocks and fears.


The solar eclipse took place on April 30th/May 1st depending on your location, at 10 degrees Taurus. This eclipse presented a new beginning and wonderful opportunity for manifesting physical goals around money and material things you desire.


The full moon lunar eclipse will take place on May 15th or 16th depending on your location, at 25 degrees Scorpio. It will be visible through most of the world, excluding Australia and Asia. This eclipse is all about getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to move forward. It brings a spotlight to what is holding you back from manifesting what you truly want and presents a powerful portal to release those blockages so you can manifest to your highest potential.

Exciting times ahead! Happy manifesting with this eclipse portal, moon lovers!

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Comment below and let me know: what are you manifesting this eclipse season? What’s been coming up for you?