Do you want to understand more about yourself, your natal chart, and astrology in general? In this episode I walk you through using your natal chart in combination with the cycles of the moon to gain a deeper self awareness and plan for success. 

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How and why to following the moon through your natal chart
  • How the different planets and houses in your chart impact the moon
  • The deep connections between the moon cycle and the natural cycles in our lives

As you dive deeper into the movement of the lunar energy through your natal chart, you will gain a powerful tool into deeper understanding of the self, awareness of energetic timing, and planning accordingly to set yourself up for success. 


Your Natal Chart

Your natal chart is essentially a snapshot of where the planets were in the sky at the moment of your birth. If you don’t already have your natal chart handy, you can access it for free here


The moon takes about 28 days to move through her full cycle around the zodiac. In this time the moon will align with all of your natal plants and houses. Checking into this progression as the cycle plays out will help you understand the energy of your natal chart, what that energy feels like, and how it shows up in your life. 


Check into where the moon is today and where that falls on your natal chart, then check back everyday to follow her through your chart. 


The Planets 

The sun represents self expression and self awareness. When the moon moves through your sun sign, this energy will help you to feel more like yourselves. You will feel self aware, confident, and aligned with your self expression. 


The moon represents emotions and feelings. When the moon moves through your moon sign, this energy will bring forth a greater connection to your emotions and intuition. We tend to feel more emotionally stable, although depending on your moon sign you may feel a little extra emotional. Water signs are prone to this. 


The rising or ascendant sign represents how we appear to the world. When the moon moves through your rising sign, this energy brings about feelings of confidence and alignment with who we want to be. 


As the moon moves through your natal chart, it will spark the energy of the other planets as well. For example as the moon moves through Saturn, you will likely feel greater self discipline, but when the moon moves through Mars, you might feel more energized and driven. 


Use the moon as a guide to know how you will fell throughout the month and plan accordingly! 


Astrological Houses

The astrological houses determine which areas of your life certain energies will show up in:

1st = Identity

2nd = Goals, values

3rd = Connections, communications

4th = Home, family life

5th = Creativity, play

6th = Health, routines, daily work

7th = Relationships

8th = Business, making money

9th = Travel, education

10th = Career, legacy

11th = Community

12th = Rest, finding a deeper purpose, spirituality 


Tracking the moon as it moves through each house will reveal what area is in emotional focus in your life at that time. This can help you understand what are the best days for different activities. 


For example, when the moon is in your 7th house, you may feel drawn to nurturing relationships and spending time with loved ones. This would be a good time to go on a date with your partner or to call someone you love. 


Natural Cycles

Following the moon through your natal chart can help you understand the natural cycles in your life. 


You may discover a correlation with your menstrual cycle or links between your energy level depending on which sign the moon is in.  Understanding how you are feeling and what is going on in your body really takes your self awareness to a deeper level.

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Comment below and let me know: have you tried tracking the moon through your natal chart? Share your insights!