Do you know these productivity hacks? Here’s how I use the moon to know when I’ll be feeling most productive (or when to take a nap instead).

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to use astrology to determine your most productive days 
  • How to tap into high productivity  
  • My personal tips and tricks to harnessing your most productive self

It is completely natural to feel your productivity levels eb and flow. Using astrology can be a helpful way to determine when you might feel less productive or highly energized. This can make a HUGE difference when planning your to-do list for less energized days vs. times of high productivity when you’re feeling most energized, intellectual, and motivated. 


Astrological timing for productivity 

When the moon is in its waxing phase the energy is building, making this week the most energizing of the month as we move toward the peak of the full moon. Given the naturally productive and energizing energy, this is a perfect time to schedule for those bigger tasks. 


The waxing gibbous moon marks the best time to push through obstacles and get things done. Know that the universe is working with you at this time to create exactly what you are manifesting. 


But what about times when we might be less productivity? When the moon is void-of-course it is best to take time to rest. This happens every 2 to 3 days for anywhere from 1 minute to 24+ hours, although typically only lasts for a few hours. The energy from the void of course moon is generally that of low productivity. Learn more about the void-of-course moon in this episode of the Moon Manifesting podcast.


Mars is the planet of motivation and drive. Looking at where Mars is in the zodiac is helpful to understand how intense the urge to get things done is right now. Mars is presently in Aries after moving out of Pisces just a few weeks ago. The energy currently feels more energized, driven and motivated. Whereas, the previous energy was a bit more confused and unrealistic surrounding our motivations. 

Also, seeing where Mars is transiting through your natal chart can help you understand which area of your life is most motivating to you at the moment. For example, Mars through the 2nd house suggests that you’re motivated to manifest your goals, whereas Mars through the 12th house suggests that you’re more motivated to rest & recharge.


Regardless of what is happening in the sky, be sure to take time to rest when you are feeling super unproductive. When you are well rested, you will be much more productive when feeling motivated again. Take care of yourself! 


How to be more productive

Leonie Dawson (one of my FAVOURITE mentors for creativity & productivity) teaches the 80/20 rule in her Work Less, Earn More course {affiliate link – I may earn a commission if you click & purchase through this link}

20% of your efforts create 80% of your results, but also 80% of your efforts create only 20% of your results.

From a business perspective, it is best to focus your energy on the things that are doing well and to cut out the things that aren’t performing to the same standard. Wasting 80% of your time for less results leads to much lower productivity than focusing your time and effort on that top 20%. 


Do the hardest thing first. Write out a to-do list and number your tasks in order of priority with the most daunting of them at the top. The hardest thing may be the most intimidating but it is also likely to give you the greatest results. 


Automation. Automate the things that are sucking up your time so you can reserve your focus for more productive purposes. For example, consider if a recurring to-do list using an app like Asana or a pre formatted template to use for certain customer inquiries may be beneficial in freeing up some time. 


Delegate what can’t be automated. Someone else may be able to do it easier, faster, and cheaper so you can focus your energy on more important tasks. 


Eliminate what can’t be automated or delegated. Ask yourself: do I actually need to do this? What would happen if I didn’t do it? If it’s not bringing you closer to your goals, it might not be worth your time. 


Tips from a homeschooling mumpreneur 

My 4 children have been homeschooled for most of their lives. Truthfully, I found sending them to school to be more stressful than homeschooling. I love teaching my kids at home, but it does mean that I am spending a lot of my time wearing my ‘teacher hat’ and losing out on having a few kid free hours to laser focus on my work each day. 


As a mother, an entrepreneur, and a full time teacher for my little ones, I’ve had to really hone my productivity skills. From writing a book to creating my own tarot deck to opening an online school to offering weekly readings and creating consistent original online content, these tricks have helped me to succeed in all facets of my life:

  • Consider all areas of your life (ie. work, family, health etc) and everything you want to do when writing your daily to-do list
  • Check back in with your to-do list throughout the day to keep on track and really tap into manifesting your reality 
  • Have realistic expectations with your to do list. Be honest about how long each task will take
  • Organization is key. Planners and calendars are incredibly handy
  • Routine. Routine. Routine!

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Comment below and let me know: have you tried tracking the moon through your natal chart? Share your insights!