Are you curious how to make the most out of Cancer season? In this episode I break down what’s coming up and how to use this energy to manifest your goals.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • What to expect during Cancer season
  • How to best harness the energy
  • The easiest things to manifest this time of year

Cancer season

Cancer season starts on June 21st, also marking the solstice. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere this will be the winter solstice, and for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere this will mark the summer solstice. The solstice is truly a turning point as we move into the second half of the second half of the year, making it a wonderful time to turn over a new leaf. 

This is also a great time for reflection on what you have manifested so far and what you want to manifest moving forward. Take this time to check in with your yearly goals. Are you on track? Are there any goals you would like to leave behind? What are you feeling inspired to revisit? 

What’s coming up

The new moon takes place at 7 degrees Cancer on June 28th/29th depending on where you are in the world. The moon will square Jupiter in Aries presenting a new beginning in which we are challenged to find our happiness. This may feel difficult emotionally as the energy challenges how we feel, but pushing through will be well worth it to reap the rewards of abundance, growth, and happiness. 

Mercury will move from Gemini to Cancer on July 5th. Collectively we will feel sensitivity to other’s thoughts. This is a good time to lean into your intuitive abilities and really pick up on how those around you are feeling.

Shortly after, Mercury will move into Leo on July 19th. With this energy, thought will transition from the sensitivity of Cancer to the Confidence of Leo. We will feel more confident in ourselves and our ideas. 

Mars moves into Taurus on July 5th, bringing motivation toward the things that keep us calm, cool, and collected. This will motivate us to focus on slowing down and doing things in a practical way. 

The full moon takes place at 21 degrees Capricorn on July 13th/14th depending on where you are in the world. The moon will be loosely conjunct with Pluto also in Capricorn and trine with the North Node of Future Destiny in Taurus. Collectively this energy will bring transformation to the rules and structure in our lives to make space for growth. 

As the North Node is linked to karmic energy, this may bring about endings and new beginnings. Trust that these changes are placing you on the path you are meant to be on. This is a time of removing limiting beliefs, getting out of your own way, and stepping into your own destiny. 

I encourage you to look where these events fall on your natal chart, paying special attention to the houses and nearby planets, to understand where the energy will show up for you. 

What to focus on 

The key to manifesting what you want during Cancer season is really tapping into that Mars in Taurus energy. Take it slow. Don’t rush it. Beautiful results are coming! 

The areas that will manifest most easily during Cancer season are related to:

  • Home 
  • Family 
  • Security 
  • Personal life  

This is a great time to sell or renovate your home, spend time with your loved ones, or examine your insecurities and take the steps to make yourself feel more secure.

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Comment and let me know: what are you manifesting this Cancer season?