Are you skeptical about manifesting? Feeling curious how it works? In this post I share exactly how to work with the moon to manifest your dreams into reality.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • What moon manifesting means
  • Exactly how moon manifesting works 
  • How to manifest with the moon in your daily life

What is moon manifesting?

Moon manifesting is the process of using the moon as a guide to manifest your goals. 

There is a common misconception that manifesting something means it will simply appear out of thin air. In reality, that is not often the case. The word manifesting means ‘making it real’ or ‘bringing it into reality’. When we manifest we are transforming thought into something tangible and this process requires taking action to gain results. 

The process

Below I outline my tried and true four part process that you can repeat each month with the moon cycle to manifest your goals:

  1. Set your intention with the new moon. It can be helpful to write your intention down somewhere you can reference later.


  2. Take action during the waxing moon. Consider the things you need to do to bridge the gap between your intention and actually bringing it into reality. This is very important because action is needed to bring goals into the tangible reality.


  3. Celebrate your successes during the full moon. With the uplifting and energizing energy of the full moon, this is a spectacular time to show gratitude for what you have manifested previously. Check in with your intentions set months ago and see how far you’ve come.


  4. Declutter during the waning moon. Remove any physical or energetic blocks holding you back from manifesting what you want. Think about what you need to let go of to create space for the new. 

It can be very helpful to keep your new moon intentions in a journal. You can use this journal throughout the month to keep track of action steps, celebrations, and decluttering as well. 

How long does moon manifesting take to work?

Keep in mind that the process of moon manifesting does not happen overnight. The seed must be planted, nurtured, and allowed to grow, before the fruit can be enjoyed.

Don’t set your new moon intentions and expect them to manifest only two weeks later on the full moon. It’s definitely possible, but I find this process to be more effective when we focus on long-term intentions.

When you set a new moon intention, you can expect it to manifest by the full moon in the SAME ZODIAC SIGN – which will occur approximately 6 months later.

So, don’t give up if your new moon intentions don’t manifest straight away! Be patient, and let everything unfold in Divine timing.

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