Today I’m joined by a special guest on the Moon Manifesting Podcast! Kate Darnell speaks about her success with moon manifesting and shares her tips to live to your highest potential.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • A look into Kate’s moon manifesting success
  • What makes Kate’s manifestations so successful 
  • Advice for manifesting with the moon

Kate Darnell is an energetic practitioner who works at a soul level to help others live a spiritually aligned life and reach their highest potential. She encourages people to get out of their own way, step into the age of golden light, and live in the sacred soul system. 


Kate’s success stories  

Kate has successfully manifested many of her largest feats in life and says her practice of harnessing the magical power of the moon is attributed to a massive part of her success. 


After struggling to have a child for a prolonged period of time, a friend suggested Kate make a wish on the upcoming super moon. So she did just that. Kate set aside some intentional time so sit down, light a candle, and write out her wish in a journal. Shortly after she was met by a very pleasant surprise… a positive pregnancy test! 9 months later arrived her first born child, Eden. 


After this wild success, Kate felt driven to align with the moon. She started learning more about the moon and soon began living a life in alignment with her soul and who she truly wanted to be.


Kate worked as a mainstream teacher prior to starting her soul lead business. In the time of transition between the two careers, she was met with concern from her loved ones around being able to provide for her family. So she set the intention that her soul lead business would make the same amount of money as her teaching job. That very same year her wish manifested into reality when she doubled what she would have made as a full time teacher! 


The practice of setting an intention with each new moon has helped Kate to achieve her goals, ambitions, and dreams. 


What goes into Kate’s manifesting success?

Having the energetic anchor of the moon helps Kate to stay accountable to her wishes. This provides that extra push she needs to make her dreams come true. 


She says her biggest lesson through her manifestation journey was to not over complicate things. Keep your rituals, desires, and wishes simple. Time, space, and pure intention is all you need. If you allow it to happen, the rest will fall into place for you. There is potency in simplicity. 


Kate stated she “made a choice to be worthy and deserving of receiving what [she] was ready to ask for”. Do not be afraid to claim your power!  


Advice for manifesting with the moon

Consistency is key! Utilize the moon to keep you on track. She will always be there, even on a cloudy night. Get to know the rhythm of the new and full moon. Be aware of when the new moon is, set your intentions, and on the full moon be sure to check in with those intentions. 


We’ll reiterate this here, because it really is so important… Keep it simple. Kate suggests setting 2-5 intentions. If you are having trouble thinking of what these might be, try focusing on intentions for your physical body, emotional body, energetic body, and logical mind. No need to over complicate it. 


Always write your intentions down. It doesn’t matter where, but be sure to take the time and space to write down your wishes with intention. Having your wishes physically written somewhere is a great way to ground yourself and bring back focus as you move through the month ahead. 


Check in on your progress at the full moon. If something hasn’t happened yet, look at what might be a little off kilter. Be sure to bring in gratitude for what is working and don’t give up! 


Kate’s offerings

If you would like to learn more about Kate Darnell, you can find her on Instagram at @with_kate_darnell and @_intuitive_oracle.

Check out the wonderful soul aligned offerings Kate has manifested into existence in the links below:

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