Calling all entrepreneurs, soulpreneurs, and mumpreneurs! In this post I explain how to use the moon to spend less time on social media and find more flow with your business marketing.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to use astrology as your guide to find your flow
  • How to spend less time on social media
  • How to use the moon cycle as your guide for what to post and when

The moon represents feelings and emotions in astrology. When we use the moon as our guide, we are tapping into what the collective is feeling. This can be very powerful for understanding how to connect more deeply to your followers on social media! 


Using the moon to create boundaries with social media 

An easy way to set boundaries and avoid things not going to plan, is to avoid posting while the moon is void of course. During this time posts tend to get far less engagement and reach. 


The moon goes void of course every 2-3 days for anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. This is a good time to avoid any other important to-dos in our business and stick to maintenance tasks or simply not working. 


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The moon through the zodiac signs  

Considering what sign the moon is in will help you understand what the collective is feeling at that time.


Use the energy of each sign and the themes that accompany it to plan your posts. For example, if the moon is in Virgo everyone is likely feeling more efficient and being pulled to get things done. This is a good time to focus your content around organization, analyzing, and finding more effective ways to do things. 


Using the zodiac elements for your social media

The element of each zodiac sign tells us a lot about what the energy of that sign will bring. 

  • Water = people are feeling in tune with their feelings and emotions 
  • Fire = people are interested in doing things they feel passionate about 
  • Air = people are feeling communicative and social
  • Earth = people are focused on physical aspects like money and services 


Examine how these themes relate to your business so you can integrate this into your marketing strategy. You might have offerings or content pillars that relate more to one element, ie. a community membership relates to the social aspect of the Air element, whereas health consultations may relate more to the Earth element.


How to use the moon cycle to plan your social media

The moon cycle can be used as a guide to plan out your social media posts too. Each phase of the moon cycle brings a different energy, and you can absolutely use this energy for your social media strategy.

  • New moon = focus on goals. A good time to ask your followers what their goals are in relation to your business 
  • First quarter moon = share behind the scenes action your taking in your business 
  • Full moon = very high energy. A good time for launching new products or ideas and having a sale or promotion
  • Last quarter moon = share positive reviews from others about your business 


Putting it all together

Jot down the different elements, signs, and moon phases and how the different components of your business match up to each. You may find that different offerings/services/products in your business match up to different aspects of the moon cycle.

You can use my FREE moon calendar to help you find exactly when the moon is in each zodiac sign.

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Comment and let me know: have you used the moon to plan your social media strategy? Do you avoid posting on social media when the moon is VOC?