Make sure you DON’T do these things on a full moon! You might regret it later… Tips from an astrologer & moon manifesting mama.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How the full moon affects us
  • What NOT to do on the full moon
  • How to nurture yourself during this moon phase

Full moons can be pretty hectic. The moon, in astrology, rules our emotions & feelings. So full moons can bring intensity to those inner feelings, our emotions are illuminated, and all the feels can get pretty chaotic.


Why do some full moons feel intense?

Full moons can bring up intense emotions, feelings & intuitive nudges.

This intensity can be heightened depending on how that particular full moon lines up with planets on our natal chart, or which zodiac or house it falls in.

Some full moons might feel particularly intense for you, while others may not be so greatly affected.


What NOT to do on a full moon

1. Emotional outbursts

As the full moon often brings up our emotions & feelings quite intensely, this is NOT a great time for emotional outbursts.

If you’re feeling emotional, try not to get angry at others around you.

Instead of reacting, try journaling about your feelings or releasing your emotions through meditation or yoga. It’s a much healthier outlet than yelling at your kids or partner!


2. Drink excessively

During full moons, we may try to escape from the intensity of our feelings & emotions. Personally, I’ve noticed I tend to drink a bit too much during full moons (and then I end up with an awful full moon hangover!).

You may try to escape in other ways, like excessive binge-eating or using mind-altering substances.

Instead of trying to escape from your emotions through drinking/eating, focus on nourishing yourself instead. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and choose healthier options for your meals.


3. Overwhelm

Typically, I find that my life gets pretty hectic around the full moon. I usually have lots of events happening around this time and my schedule gets pretty full. It’s probably no surprise that I get very overwhelmed around the full moon!

Instead of getting stressed out because ALL the things are happening, be sure to block off time from your calendar for self-care, balance your energy, and say “no” if you’ve stretched yourself too thin.

Final thoughts about full moons

Now that you’re aware about how the full moon affects you, you can use this information to understand how others may be feeling during the full moon, too.

If your kids are having meltdowns or other people in your life are feeling a bit moody, support them during the full moon. Be available to listen, help them become aware of how the full moon is affecting them, and help them stay hydrated (it helps!).


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Comment and let me know: does your life get hectic during the full moon too? How do you find more balance during this intense time of the moon cycle?