Today I’m joined by special guest Kira Sutherland to discuss how the moon affects our menstrual cycles. Kira shares her insights as a naturopath & medical astrologer to explain how the moon can affect your menstruation, fertility, and natural cycles.
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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:
  • How the moon cycle relates to your menstrual cycle 
  • The timing around these natural cycles 
  • How to connect to the moon to regulate your own cycle
Kira Sutherland has +25 years of experience in private practice, focusing on nutrition, women’s health & medical astrology. She is based in Australia and has lived around the world throughout her career.   

How the moon cycle relates to the menstrual cycle

A menstrual cycle anywhere between 24-35 days is considered normal and the average woman experiences a cycle around 28-29 days. Much like our own bodies, the moon also has a cycle ranging 28-29 days. We are cyclical beings, so naturally using the cyclical nature of the moon is a great way to tap into the wisdom of nature and our own bodies   All of nature works on cycles. It is all too easy to get far removed from these cycles in the hustle and bustle of our modern world. Tapping into the natural rhythms of nature can help us get our own bodies back into their own natural rhythm.    Interestingly, the first calendar ever found was on a bone with 28 marks on it. It is believed this calendar was created by a female tracking her menstrual cycle.   

Timing of menstruation in the moon cycle 

A lot of women will either have their periods at the new moon or the full moon, but if your cycle does not align to the moon, there is nothing absolutely wrong with you.   There are tricks to shifting your cycle to get it closer to those times. Kira believes the healthier we are with our sleep, diet, and daily activities the likelier it is that our bodies will naturally align with the moon’s cycle.    Being away from electronic pollution and sleeping in a very dark environment, likely with a colder temperature can help your cycle shift. Often women will see this shift when they go camping.   Some women will always be on a longer or shorter cycle and that is completely okay! There is an assumption that we need to be ovulating around the full moon, but in reality just as many women get their period at the full moon as there are those who ovulate during that time. Each person’s body is individual and unique to them.  

Your lunar peak

You can look up what phase the moon was in and what day of the moon cycle it was when you were born. Every month, when the moon returns to the same phase, you are at your ‘lunar peak’.    Your body started it’s cycle at this time, making your lunar peak is a sacred reset of your 28 day cycle regardless of your sex or gender.    It is hypothesized that during this time you can spontaneously ovulate during sex. If you are trying to conceive, there may be a second window each month where you are able to get pregnant. Babies conceived during the lunar peak are known as lunar babies.   

Using the moon cycle to help regulate your menstrual cycle

From a natural living point of view, taking steps toward increased overall health will make a big difference here. Kira suggests being more ritualized with your health and working with the moon cycles as your guide – tuning into the lunar energy where it is currently at. Reframing our health routines into sacred rituals around our health makes the entire experience much more enjoyable.    We are naturally very cyclical beings. Just think of our sleep wake cycles and hormonal fluctuations throughout the days and months. Light pollution, busy schedules, not sleeping enough are just a few reasons our natural cycles can become disturbed. Our bodies will often adjust themselves as we get more intune with the cycle of the moon.    We live in such a fast paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the flow of things and forget to take the time and space to honor ourselves right now. This is where getting acquainted with the natural cycles inside and outside of our bodies can be very helpful. Anyone can tune into that natural cycle of the moon, honor the energy that comes with it, and ritualize around that. For example, times of ovulation and menstruation are naturally times to build in rest.   

Connecting your menstrual cycle to the moon cycle 

A few tips to help you feel more connected:
  • Go outside into the moonlight, even if it is not visible
  • Sleep in a very dark room
  • Work with your naturopath to understand which herbs could help support you and your body
  • Tune into your own cycle and listen to your body
    • Day 1-14 of your cycle (follicular phase) coincides with the new moon = low hormone, feeling energized, strength, growth
    • Day 15-28 of your cycle (luteal phase) coincides with the full moon = high hormone, low energy, nourishment, rest 

Work with Kira Sutherland

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