Are you doubting your abilities? Feeling like a fraud? In this post I unpack the underlying limiting beliefs behind imposter syndrome and how to move past them into your highest potential.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • You’re not alone in your experience with imposter syndrome 
  • What causes these limiting beliefs 
  • How to live to your highest potential


Imposter syndrome makes us doubt ourselves regardless of our qualifications and achievements. It is that feeling that holds us back from being who we truly are and showing up to the work we are meant to be doing. But it doesn’t have to anymore… 

Imposter syndrome: A light bulb moment… 

I was recently out with my husband and a few of his clients. One of the ladies in the group asked me if I worked and my automatic response was “no, I stay home and homeschool my children”. Later on, I couldn’t help but wonder why I answered her question the way I did…

I DO work, and I work hard. I run my own business. I am currently creating my own tarot deck. I create and publish my own moon planner each year. I am an author, a tarot reader, a business coach, and a business astrologer. 

Through conversation with other entrepreneurs, I’ve realized the hesitancy to share this side of myself and what lights me up, is not so uncommon. Imposter syndrome’s grip spans far and wide. If you’re having a difficult time living up to your highest potential, you are not alone. 

Limiting beliefs: The Witch Wound 

A lot of people working in the spiritual realm – mediums, psychics, astrologers, healers, and so on – harbor a limiting belief called the Witch Wound, and likely don’t even know it. 

This can come from a past life as a witch in which you were persecuted for your beliefs. Similarly, it can come from an experience in this life or a past life in which you weren’t free to express yourself and had to hide your magick to protect yourself. 

These limiting beliefs stick with us as we move through our lives, often manifesting themselves as, you guessed it, imposter syndrome. 

3 steps to kick imposter syndrome to the curb 

1. Find clarity on who you are, what you offer, and how it helps other people. 

The more clarity you can gain, the easier it will become to craft your elevator pitch – the 30 second blurb you give next time someone asks what it is you do with your life. Once you have the wording down, rehearse it until you feel super comfortable and confident with it. 

2. Find an anchor.

An anchor will help you stay in touch with the vibe you are working to attract and to ground you in your goals. Try using a crystal, essential oil, or affirmation that aligns with confidence, clarity, or whatever it is that you are seeking.

3. Believe in yourself! 

You are the right person for this job. This is your purpose in life. Astrology can be super helpful here – take a look at your natal chart to get some guidance on EXACTLY what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime and how you can truly reach your highest potential. 

If imposter syndrome is something you’ve been battling with, let me know! How do you plan on moving past imposter syndrome and into your highest potential?

Kyra Howearth | Business astrologer

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Comment and let me know: have you experienced imposter syndrome before? What steps do you take to shine to your highest potential?