If you’re a witchy business owner, don’t make these mistakes! In this post, I’m sharing what I’ve learnt from running my own businesses so you can make more sales…
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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:
  • The common mistakes that witchy business owners make
  • How to attract your ideal clients
  • Tips to help you make more money authentically
  If you’re a tarot reader, crystal seller, candle maker, or other witchy/spiritual business owner, this post is for you!  

Common mistakes that witchy business owners make

When I followed my soul’s calling to start my own witchy business, Herbal Moon Goddess, back in 2019, I just followed my intuition to start this brand new business. At the time I was a herbalist focusing on fertility & women’s health, but I felt like there was something missing – a spiritual element, or energy. So I branched out and started doing full moon circles and sold crystals & herbal smoke bundles, and began to turn this new venture into my full time business. Even though I followed my soul’s calling, I was missing some vital things that impacted my sales. This one thing can make a HUGE shift in your business, and I see so many business owners making this same mistake. Learn who your ideal client is. When you’re talking to everyone, no-one is listening. When I was working as a herbalist, I was super clear on who I wanted to work with: women who wanted natural support for their pregnancy journey. When I changed my business, I didn’t really know who my ideal client was anymore. I just wanted to sell crystals & tarot cards!  

Why businesses fail

While I was preparing for my recent Soul Aligned Sales Masterclass, I came across some statistics about why businesses fail. According to CBInsights, 42% of businesses fail because there’s no market need. So how can you avoid becoming one of those statistics? Find your market, and know what they need! Figure out who your ideal client is, and what are their pain points. Those pain points, or problems, are what will help you make the sale. How does your offering solve your ideal client’s problems? If you can demonstrate that information in your marketing, it will make sales flow sooo much easier into your business.  

Price your offerings confidently

Spiritual business owners often don’t charge enough for their products & services. How many tarot readers have you seen offer FREE readings constantly? How many witchy makers sell their quality handmade goods for dirt cheap prices? Don’t be afraid to charge your worth. If it takes you an hour to make something, and you have to pay for materials as well, be sure to charge for your hourly rate AND material costs AND additional business costs. If you feel it’s not spiritual to charge money for your “gifts”, I’d love for you to reframe this thought. Whether you’re spiritual or not, you are absolutely worth charging higher prices for your goods & services! The downside of pricing your offerings too cheap (or completely giving it away for free) is that people could seem skeptical. They might be thinking “What’s the catch?” or feel that the price reflects the quality of your offerings.  

Build trust with your audience

Social media can be a really fun way to build more trust with your audience! Show up authentically, engage with others and build relationships. When you trust someone, you’re more likely to invest in them. So, how can you build trust with your audience? Show your face on your website, social media & other places. Share behind-the-scenes of your business. Connect with others through comments & messages. Another issue with building trust with witchy businesses is that often people can be skeptical about spiritual stuff. Yes, there are still people out there who haven’t had a spiritual awakening! So how can you introduce your witchy/spiritual offerings in a way that builds trust for skeptical people?  

Connect with your communities

One of the best things I did to grow your business and build trust was connecting with my local community. I would go to local markets to offer tarot readings & sell crystals etc, and I connected with soooo many people who still support my business (even though I haven’t had a market stall for a few years now!). If there are opportunities to go to local markets or hold local events/workshops, it can be a really fun way to share your gifts in person and build trust. Don’t discount the idea of connecting with online communities too! Connecting with people in Facebook groups can be powerful for getting more visibility & gaining trust (even if you’re not using those groups to directly promote your business). If you don’t already know, I run an online Instagram community for Australian witches at @australianwitches where me & my admin team share posts from Australian witchy small businesses, as well as host free sabbat challenges to connect with the community. This community has been a really wonderful way to connect with other witchy business owners!
Kyra Howearth | Business astrologer

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Comment and let me know: do you know who your ideal client is? Which of these tips will you implement in your business today?